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Tributize is growing fast!

Help to make Tributize even bigger and better

You can invite your friends from Facebook directly by clicking on the link above, or you can invite friends via email. Either way, you help to grow our community and get more people to share the love with Tributize. Imagine if everyone invites five of their friends to join, and each friend invites five more people... our community will grow really fast. Thanks to you!

Invite friends with facebook

Say thank you to your friends and family

What do you do when you want to say "Thank you" to someone in a sincere and lasting way? Friends and family are so important but often we take them for granted. You want to say thank you in a fun way, but you also want something that will last. Tributize lets you say thanks in a lasting way. Its fast, efficient and fun.
Almost without exception, you will make someone incredibly happy by telling them what you really feel. Share the love and make the effort to tell your favorite people why you love them. If you like the idea but don't know how to start then follow the simple steps below and you will have made someone happy in no time at all!

Create a page for someone you admire

A celebrity tribute is a lasting page that you create for someone famous. Your favorite singer, favorite actor or favorite sports star. Anyone who you like. You can add pictures, video links to YouTube, and you can share the page with family and friends.

Honor the memory of someone you loved

A memorial tribute is a place for you to create a lasting page for someone you loved, and share the page with family and friends. Our approach at Tributize is to make it about 'celebration not sadness'. Sometimes you only learn things about someone after they are gone. You hear the eulogy, and you discover interesting facts which can be really heartwarming.
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"I was looking for something positive. For me, the tone should be celebration - not sadness. I wanted somewhere to keep those wonderful memories alive and share them with my family and friends. A place for interesting anecdotes, pictures and video clips. I just found the other memorial websites too depressing. Tributize is different."

Talk about everything you love

It's free. Happiness guaranteed!

Whatever it is that you really like, you can show your appreciation by creating a fan page on Tributize. Why not write some praise for your favorite restaurant? create a page for your favorite dog breed? or recommend your favorite make of sunglasses! Once you start writing pages, you will realise how much fun it is to build your own collection of things that you love. You can pay tribute to everything that you like and share those pages with your friends.