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Become a Tributize Affiliate

Partnering with Tributize is a simple way to generate new revenue. It doesn't cost anything to join our program and start earning from referrals!

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How It Works

We give you a unique coupon code to share. Your code gives a 25% discount on a $19.95 page and you earn $5 each time your code is used.

No Minimum

It doesn't matter if your code is used by 3 people or 3000! Every time your code is used you  earn money.

The Sky's The Limit

The more people who use your code, the more you earn. 

100 times = $500

1000 times = $5000


Are you a video content creator?

We are really interested to work with video content creators. 

  • Make your own tribute page on Tributize and show how it's done
  • Review Tributize and compare with other platforms


Do you write a popular blog?

Partner with Tributize and introduce your readers to our platform.

  • Create a tribute page on Tributize 
  • Write a review of Tributize

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