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Celebrate the life of your loved one

Thursday, November 28th, 2019
Celebrate the life of your loved one

Honoring friends and family is a great way to celebrate and commemorate someone special. It is also a meaningful and lasting way to honor the memory of a loved one and to participate in a memory-sharing movement.

There are many things you can do with the homepage, such as write a story, share your favorite photos and memories, or use this page for parties and fundraising. Because everything is stored centrally, anyone can access it at any time.

Tributize is a great online space that brings communities together to remember, share and show that they are supported.

Start a memory page to celebrate the memory of the person you love and share it with friends and family.

Write a free obituary, organize RSVP control meetings, coordinate logistics, and catering, send updates, share photos and videos. Let your community know if you are raising money for funerals, medical expenses, family support, or charity. You can also create private groups for family and friends in your community and arrange logistics and other support.

Add all your photos to the shared gallery. Encourage others to cooperate and contribute. Images and media that are shared by different people can give a more complete picture of the life and character of your loved one.

Share your story and memories in an easy way on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Join us on, where we explore the nuances and details of preparing to celebrate the life of your loved one. Here we will discuss specific topics such as writing obituaries, ordering ceremonies and compliments, choosing places, and family policy issues. But first, why did we create this tool?

Tributize is a forum for communities that meet at the moment of death. Often these are the moments when we are the saddest and neediest. In recent years, I have had the privilege and task of organizing 5 funerals (or 8, depending on how important this is), and every time I thought: "I can certainly use this tool to help me organize all this." In the end, I created this tool, and now I share it with others so that others can use it too.

When a person dies, there's so much information. I had to call a hundred people to tell them about the death of a loved one, which is quite tiring. Then I coordinated the time and place of service with my family and important friends, found a place, and when the decision was made, I had to call these 100 people to share all this information. The "phone chain" technique works, but it takes a long time, breaks down easily, and sometimes causes headaches (for example, when "Uncle Johnny" gets nervous because I asked "Aunt Audrey's" opinion before I asked her).

Tributize offers everyone a common space to organize everyone in their community, with the ability to create private groups for important decision-makers, and with the tools to disseminate all-important public information when it becomes available. This is an iterative process that allows information to be updated in real-time. And everyone in your community can see what's going on and get updates on your phone or computer by visiting

When a loved one comes in, many people want to get involved, but few people know exactly how to do it. I remember the funeral, which was attended by 30 bouquets of flowers, but no one thought to bring coffee. With, you can add a wish list to any event to make your community feel comfortable and able to contribute when you are in control and to make sure that there is a lot of coffee.