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Tell the World Your Story! Creating a Personal Page on Tributize

Monday, November 30th, 2020
Tell the World Your Story! Creating a Personal Page on Tributize

Your online personal presence matters! These days, there are so many platforms available where you can share your thoughts, connect with friends, family and strangers, and document your life. It’s important that you handle this the right way, for longevity and the right kind of posterity. 

Here at Tributize, we can help you to do just that. You can build a personal page on our site, for free, which will last forever. You can use it to document your career, showcase your talents, share your travel adventures, or record any other aspect of your life that you want! Read on to find out more about this great feature and how it can be of benefit to you!

Managing Your Reputation Online

Have you ever Googled yourself? If you have an unusual name, you’ll find that your social media profiles might be quite near the top of the search engine results page. Does it show you in your best light? Any blurry photos from nights out with friends, or heated comments on political debates? Anything that you would prefer future employers not to see? 

If you’re job hunting, it should come as no surprise to you that employers are likely to search you out online, via Google search and social media. While you can prune your social media to show you in a better light, here at Tributize we can offer you another solution too.

Making a Personal Page on Tributize

If you set up your own web page on Tributize, you have free rein to include whatever content you like, to tell the world the true story of your life. It’s free and it’s a really easy process. And you can add to it or edit the content at any time. 

Imagine all the things you could use this platform for! The possibilities are endless. This is a great example of a personal page used as a curriculum vitae, with additional colour and interest included by the addition of stories of the writer’s life and struggles against adversity.

You can tell the story of your career in many ways. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you realise that dream? I always wanted to be a farmer, until I realised that farmers have to get up very early to feed all the animals, all year round and in all weathers. What about you? Did you begin your working life focused on a particular career choice, then have a change of direction later? What are the achievements that make you feel the most pride?

You can tailor your personal page on Tributize to tell the story of your career and showcase your professional skills. Then you will be sure that at least on this social media platform, you are shown in your best light.

Show Off Your Talents!

Of course, there is more to you than just your career. You could choose to focus on your interests instead. Maybe you’re a big music fan? You could write about your favourite bands - don’t forget Tributize also has the option to create a fan page too, where you can pay tribute to your favourite artists. If you’re a performer yourself, you could upload photographs of yourself onstage and videos of you performing, so that everyone can see and hear the kind of music that you like to play. A personal page is a great showcase for musicians and any other kind of performer too. 

Perhaps you like to paint or make other kinds of art? You can collect images of your creations in a photo gallery and all your friends and family will be able to see them. There is also a comment feature, so people can share their thoughts and feedback on the images that you share.

Share Your Adventures

Back in the days before social media, people used to invite their neighbours and friends over for dinner parties and to share their holiday photographs. My dad even had a slide projector and used to do slide shows of our family travels (I’m not sure how exciting they were!) Sharing travel adventures with loved ones has always been a popular pursuit. This trend dates back even further, to the age of the travel diary, when wealthy people used to produce pamphlets to document their travels.

These days, social media is where it’s at for sharing your travel adventures - a recent survey showed that one-third of millennials believe that posting images of their travels is just as important as the holiday itself. 

Tributize is the perfect platform to collate and display all your best travel photos. You can select the very best from each trip, make a gallery and write down your best memories. Noodles for breakfast in Bali? A sailing boat trip in New Zealand? Zip-lining in Australia? You can share all these adventures on your personal page.

Get Started Now!

It’s easy to register on Tributize. You can use your Facebook or Google accounts to set up a Tributize profile (we promise we will never share your data with anyone else). Then you can set up a free page, or upgrade to premium for additional features, such as unlimited words and photographs, and no adverts.

Whichever option you choose, you can edit and add to your page at any time. The platform is simple to use, with intuitive tools to add photos and videos. It’s easy to share your page via social media, with the share links at the bottom of the page - this way you can post a link to your page on Twitter or Facebook so your friends and followers can see it. Your friends, family and other contacts can comment on your page too.

Tributize is a great platform for creating your own unique page which will last forever. Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to create a web page just for you, to keep and share. Whichever aspect of your life you decide to document, here at Tributize we can’t wait to read it!