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Toby - The Arrow Fan

28 February 2018


For our third superfan interview, we talk to Toby - a fan of the CW TV show 'The Arrow'.

Tributize: What are you passionate about?

Toby: I'm a super fan of the CW TV show, the Arrow. The Arrow is a super hero show that is now on its 6th season and involves a man saving and protecting a city with a bow and arrow.

Tributize: Why are you passionate about The Arrow? 

Toby: I was in love with the characters ever since the first season aired in 2013. I felt a personal connection with the characters and got pulled deeper and deeper into the series as the episodes and seasons went on.

Tributize: How much time and money do you spend each year on your passion?

Toby: I spend around 30 hours a week on this passion. I help moderate the Arrow fanfiction feed on Commaful. As a fanfiction writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about storylines and testing out ideas. On top of that, I watch an episode every day. If there's no new episode, I watch an old one. I'm also in some fan group chats. I also travel once a year to a conference to meet other Arrow fans.

Tributize: How long have you been a fan?

Toby: I've been a fan since 2013!

Tributize: What is the craziest thing that you have done to show your passion?

Toby: I did a one week fanfiction writing marathon where I wrote 3 new seasons of the show. I did nothing that week except for eat, walk on a treadmill, sleep, write about Arrow, chat about Arrow, and watch Arrow on TV. The writing was so bad that I couldn't bare to share it publicly, but that week was still the best week of my life.

Tributize: Thanks for talking to us today Tom and enjoy 2018!

Toby is moderator of the Arrow fanfiction group.


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