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Tom Smith A Passionate Chipotle Fan

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018
Tom Smith A Passionate Chipotle Fan

For our blog series talking to superfans, today we talk to Tom Smith, Chipotle superfan.

Tributize: What are you passionate about?

Tom Smith: Chipotle and food with integrity. 

Tributize: Why are you passionate about Chipotle?

Tom Smith: They make healthy food that's good for you and I am able to eat around my allergies to wheat, milk, and refined sugar. I've lost 40 pounds while eating Chipotle and have NEVER gotten sick from what I eat there. My doctor says I have the best "blood numbers" she's ever seen and to keep doing what I'm doing. I also workout six days a week and have a greens and fruit smoothie for breakfast and dinner. As such, I'm passionate about staying healthy as well.

Tributize: How much time and money do you spend each year on your passion?

Tom Smith: I've been eating at Chipotle about six days a week for the past 11 years. I spend an average of $7 each visit so I spend about $2.100 a year not including when I get comped. Six days a week instead of seven because I have lunch with my father every Sunday and it's too spicy for him. It will evolve to seven days a week at some point.

Tributize: How long have you been a fan?

Tom Smith: It will be 11 years this February.

Tributize: What is the craziest thing that you have done to show your passion?

Tom Smith: I tweet and post on Instagram every day. I'll have burrito bow number 3,098 today for lunch. Whenever I am traveling, I find out where the nearest Chipotle is to my hotel and try to eat there unless meals are provided.

Tributize: Thanks for talking to us today Tom and enjoy 2018!


Tom Smith is a Principal Consultant at GoRanker

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