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GeoCities RIP - Long Live Tributize!

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For those who are too young to remember Geocities,  Yahoo GeoCitiies was one of the biggest websites in the 90s. Here is some history:

Geocities was a web community founded in 1994 by David Bohnett and John Rezner. It originally started out as a web directory (which was a common idea in the mid-90s). In 1995, the company decided to offer users free home pages and came up with the idea of creating virtual neighborhoods and allowing users to choose which neighborhood they wanted their homepage to belong to.

Initially there were six neighborhoods (for example “RodeoDrive” or “WallStreet”). By mid-1997, GeoCities was the fifth most popular site on the internet with over 1 million users.

In 1999, GeoCities was purchased by Yahoo! (which had been an early investor) for $3.57 billion.

The Yahoo! purchase was not popular with many Geocitiies users and was almost certainly the beginning of the end.

Finally in 2009 Yahoo!  took the decision to close GeoCities permanently. When it shut down in 2009 there were over 30 million user pages.

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