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Whether you’re a fan, want to say thanks or just want to pay tribute to someone who’s awesome there’s always Tributize - the online home for everything you love.

Did you ever tell your mother how much you love her?

Or your best friend how much their friendship is worth?

Or your favorite singer the pleasure she gives you?

Or your grandfather how much you miss him?

With a tribute page on Tributize your personal words of appreciation show that you really care.

It’s the online place for everything you love.



A true master of wit and humour

Oscar Wilde, your century did not deserve you. It makes…

Metallica - The Legend Continues

The Unfathomable thrill of the 2017 Edmonton Commonwealth Metallica Concert,…

Steve Jobs

We all know Steve Jobs as the chairman, co-founder and…

The Souls That Touch You

Kindness makes the world round, while compassion keeps Earth orbiting.…

Thank You For Existing

Sometimes, you meet people who provide you a safe, compassionate…

A Singer-Songwriter Who Taught Us to be Fearless

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in…

Ode to Whiskey

Whiskey, my old friend, you started off as an acquired…

El pavo

Esta ave es genuina y única, cumple con características que…

Music - The gift that keeps on giving.

Music, music, music, you beautiful being! I want to sing…

The Joker in Ledger

I don’t think there is anyone who saw The Dark…

A phone call I will never forget - in memory of a great man

In the beginning of my work as a journalist specialized…

Why Tributize?

Because people are extraordinary. From music legends to family and friends, there's always someone who deserves a tribute.



A Place To Keep Your Memories Forever


Show Them You Care


Build A Fan Tribute To Your Favorite Stars

Create a happier universe

There’s nothing like the special feeling of paying a personal tribute. It’s a spotlight on everyone and everything that’s great. Inspire yourself and others with positive words, pictures, and video clips.

With Tributize you can write good things to keep and share. From musicians to actresses, best buddies to your awesome grandmother, it’s a way to remember and show your respect and admiration.

It’s a collection of your favorites, a meeting place for all the special people in your life, and a time capsule to preserve the things you care about.

Create your first tribute. It’s a snap


One click to sign up and you can start your first tribute. What better way to honor someone you admire?


Now you can get rolling. Tell the world with words, choose your favorite photos, and create the perfect tribute.


Invite your friends, build a buzz on social media and let the world pay tribute with you. Our sharing tools make it a breeze.

Any questions?

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