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20th Celebration of a Loving Husband and Dad (Charles Kariuki Njuguna)

I cannot believe it’s been twenty years since you left us, but for the first time there are no tears in my eyes as I jolt this down, I am smiling as i remember the great moments we had. The lunch dates you took us and fun trips we enjoyed. I always remember the class one interview you took me and when I passed you bought for me a pretty dress. Those memories will always be embedded in my heart.

I admit life has not been easy without you in our lives and mum took a heavy role in taking care of us when you left but just know she has given us all her best, still do. Many times I wrote on my diary about you, hoping you were looking down on me from heaven and seeing all i was going through but the truth is , it was relieving to jolt all my feelings down.

However, life had to go on although it was never the same but my heart is filled with joy as I share the great things that have happened in the years you haven’t been around. Your kids are all grown up and the best thing is you are a grandfather.

Your first born child, Carol has two beautiful daughters, Angela and Mitchell.  Leonard your only son has a handsome son named Trevor.  I’m also blessed with a very handsome son named Aiden who usually stares at your picture at home and ask who you are. I always beam at him and reply that you are his grandfather. Your precious last born daughter who was only three years when you passed away is a very beautiful young woman who’s full of life.

Lastly but not least your dear wife Mary, misses you every day. She cried a lot in private when you passed away but had to stay strong for our sake. Most times when we are together as a family we reminisce about the great old days and laugh at the precious moments we shared as a family. Oh dad! I wish you were here to see your grandkids and spoil them like you use to spoil us.

 There is always a void inside of us but we keep reminding ourselves that the love we have for you will always be there within us. Your death really affecting us all but the truth is it took many years for me to really let go and accept you were no more.

Your friends still remember you in their own ways and some are there for us when we need a father figure in our lives. Nonetheless, they could never replace you. We are told that times heal all and we should give ourselves time to heal. I did Dad and now i am okay but most importantly I’m grateful for the time we spent together.

Nevertheless, I often wonder what life could have been if you were here with us today, but that is not possible. Although, I have so many things to share with you deep down I believe all you wanted your family to have is peace of mind and I assure you we have it.

Continue resting in peace Dad, we love you so much.




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