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A tribute to a great poet Allama Iqbal

I used to read his poems in course books and knew him as our national poet so Iqbal’s name was not new for me.

Giving children an excellent piece of advice in the form of a story but in the style of poetry always fascinated me.

As I grew up I felt so attached to Iqbal’s poetry in which he addressed the youth. Here is a little introduction of Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal for those who are unaware of his name and work.

If you turn the pages of sub-continent history, the person whose revolutionary poetry changed the hearts of the youth is Iqbal. The spiritual strength and intellectual that Iqbal showed to the youth of that time through his poetry are still beneficial for today’s youth. Iqbal’s parent was not so well-educated but they pushed him to get higher education and become more reflective and thoughtful.

He made his mission to wake up the Muslim youth from the deep sleep that is why most of his poetry revolves around the youth. He used his words to motivate the youngsters so that they stand up to get their rights and become productive citizens. For Iqbal, youngsters are creative, they are Shaheens (Falcons) who can hunt and takes, called them Mard-e-Momin, and optimistic people who have the ability to pull down the stars from skies. In his opinion, the youth can provide leadership that can lead the nation to the heights of glory and self-determination. He wanted youth to be equipped with thinking (Fikr) of truth that gives richness, charm, warmth, and beauty to one’s life. His notion of ‘Fikr’ is exemplified best in his below verse:

"Nudrat-i-fikr-o-amal se mucjzat-i-zindgi

Nudrat-i-fikr-o-amal se sang-i-khara lal-i-nab"


Translation: "Miracles of life are always the product of innovation in thought and action,

                     The innovation of thought and action can transform granite into a real ruby,"


Iqbal wanted that the Muslim Youth should stay away from the culture that brings material pleasure where selfishness, lust, and many wrongs prevail and brings no good in the society. There are hundreds of verses of Iqbal’s poetry that I call my favorite ones but there is one which always bucked me up whenever I feel low key or demotivated. That is

“Na tou zameen kay liay ha na asmaan kay liay

Jahaan hai tery liay tou nahi jahaan kay liay”

Translation:                     “You are neither for the earth nor for the sky:

The world is for you, and you are not for the world”

Iqbal bought the philosophy of “khudi” which means that human being is neither body nor soul. He is above them as he possesses both.

According to Iqbal if a human being becomes king of himself then he can guide the world in the direction of prosperity.

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