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A Tribute to Doreen Maria Dias

Friends and family took it for granted
That there was something ready to eat,
If our Doreen stood in the kitchen
Or was seated, perhaps tired and beat.
She was the true model of Martha;
Serving with joy that comes from above;
Whether puffs with curry, or pastry with fruit
It was seasoned with Doreen’s love.

But our dear Doreen was more than a Martha;
She was a devoted Mary, too.
Reading her Bible and saying her prayers
Talking to Jesus like other saints do.
She would let you know that she prayed for you
And she’d tell you, “Be faithful and strong.”
So although we miss her voice for a while
Her prayers will echo through many years long.

In the days, months and years that lie ahead,
When we talk about how things used to be,
Some will say this, some will say that
But on these things we’ll have to agree:
Our aunt was godly, and wise, and fun;
The best sister, homemaker and friend;
And in the hearts of her children, in-laws, grandchildren, nieces and nephews
She’ll be special from now till the end.

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