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A Tribute to Jackie from her father

Jackie was 55 years old and the loving Mother of two superb Boys, Benjamin (Age 20 and attending Georgetown U) and Daniel (Age 18 and who will be attending U. of Colorado this fall). Jackie was the wife of her wonderful loving Husband, Barry for 23 years.

Jackie was a truly wonderful Daughter, Mother, Wife and Friend.  She was beautiful in appearance and in her heart, as well.  She was so loving, kind, caring, generous, and outgoing.   Her love for her Family, and Friends was true and unrelenting.

She not only had love for people, but also animals.  Not just her pets that she loved and took such good care of but also had deep concern and passion for the welfare of wild animals in distant lands that were being abused and killed by poachers and hunters for no legitimate reason.   She was an active volunteer at the San Francisco, office of the Wild Aid.  Wild Aid is a non-profit environmental organization that works for the preservation of animals in the of endangered species category.

She was tragically killed on November 14 2017, while on a trip to Africa to visit orphanages for abandon Elephants and Rhinos. These young animals were mostly orphaned by the needless killing of the Mother Elephant, or Rhino

After three weeks visiting and helping at the orphanages, she was going on a planned horseback safari in Botswana.  On the morning of the first day of the safari, Jackie had forgot something in her tent and ran back to her tent to get the item she forgot.  I understand the tent area was about 100 - 200 yards from where the safari group was assembling.  It was when in the tent area she was attacked and killed by an elephant cow.

Jackie was the loving daughter of a military family requiring substantial and unrecognized sacrifice by the Wife and Children.  In the first eighteen years of her life she attended 7 different schools, made 10 moves, lived in 8 different States, and 14 different homes, and had her Father absent for 2 years of her pre-teen life due to overseas, unaccompanied assignments  (Vietnam). Throughout this turbulence, Jackie performed in school with honors and never complained, and made many true friends every place she lived. Jackie was a graduate of U of California, Irvine in Biology.

Although Jackie and her family lived many miles away in Russia, England, and the U.S. during her marriage to Barry, she always kept her Mom and Dad involved with annual visits to our home and inviting us to come visit them.  Jackie and her family were always present to help us celebrate significant events like birthdays and anniversaries. We attended events involving them and our grandsons’ events as well.

If there was one virtue that stood out in her loving character it was kindness. She showed this inherent virtue of kindness throughout her entire life, from toddler till her last day on this earth.



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