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A Tribute to Melita Alcasoas, Selby's mum-in-law

Thank you, Mother-in-law, for all that you have done.
You took great care of your daughters, son, daughter-in-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren.

You loved us all from the very start
with your warm, kind, and loving heart.

Thank you, Mother, for being strong,
While trying to teach us right from wrong.

If anytime we had a problem,
you were there to help us solve them.

You’d lift us up when we were feeling blue.

Thank you, Mother, for we could always count on you.

You were such an awesome mother-in-law to me.
The love you showed was like no other.

Thank you, Mother for your dear, sweet love.
Now you’ll watch over us from heaven above.



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