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A tribute to my best friend who passed away in an aeroplane crash

Death, you are never a friend, you snatched away my best Friend Tim who walked with me through thick and thin. Life has never been the same, but I thank God that your memories never fade away.

It still seems like you departed from us yesterday. Fresh memories of the good things we did together still linger in my mind day in day out.

Born in the same year with Tim, we were brought up in the same village and schooled together during the tender age; we knew each other when walking to school without shoes and back in the evening. But this did not stop us from accomplishing our mission. I vividly remember you encouraging me to put more effort to ensure that in a short while, we will be proud kids to our parents.

Our High School years were still our teen years, and our parents became proud of us. We never engaged in bad peer habits even though at times we felt compelled to divert from our daily duties; we still upheld our principles. This led us to obtain good grades, and we were admitted to prestigious Universities in the country.

This too came to pass that after we graduated in, we happened to secure jobs in neighbouring banks. This was a dream come true. And in a short while, Tim started driving. That was the end of my tarmacking to work. I remember the bright mornings you would pick me up at our gate, drive me to work and later pick me after work as we proceeded home.

We could have wonderful weekend’s outings together, travel to different cities and observe sceneries, take our best meals and give surprises to our old friends too. People took us for twins rather than friends.

Life was enjoyable until that fateful morning that the helicopter you were travelling in decided otherwise. The skies were so heavy that the pilot could not view them and within a short while, it crashed in a thick forest. The bodies which included Tim’s were burned beyond recognition. I could never believe what I saw but all in all, it was finished.

This was the most trying moment in my life. Tears ran dry, I lost my voice crying to God to bring you back but it was too late, Gods will had already been perfected.

Tim, you gave me a reason to live, to endure hardships and to work hard in an independent manner, though you are gone forever, your memories are still fresh within me. I wish I could get another chance to see you, to walk with you on the slopes of the mountains, and to have the swimming competition on the beach.

If only life was reversible, I could reverse yours and enjoy for only one day and get a chance to say goodbye, but my last wish is, may you watch over us, we are taking care of the baby girl you left behind, and Your Mom can’t let her miss the good life you so wished for her.

Tim, remember that you are irreplaceable but may you continue to rest in peace.



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