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A tribute to dad, Brian Hewson

After a few difficult years, a stay in hospital, a diagnosis of end stage Parkinsons and no more treatment available, Dad made and stood by his decision not to take any more life prolonging meds. On Friday I brought him back to his home for last days of care and he passed away last night (Sunday 24.1.2021).  

I don’t have lots of words at the moment, just lots of feelings and most of all gratitude for having had such a lovely, complex Dad and so much time with him. 

So Brian Hewson, my dear old dad, I hope you heard all the words that I fed into your ears over the past two weeks. You were teaching me right to the end with your courage and grace.

Your wish was that St Peter would greet you at the gates with a Harley to adventure on - I hope you are out there gunning it on a blue sky highway.

Love you my Dad.


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