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Torey Mitchell was an incredible son, bother, father, nephew & cousin. Friend to everyone in the room and everyone on the planet.  We are all shocked and devastated to learn that such a selfless human is no longer physically with us.  No amount of time or healing will fill the void of his earthly presence among us, but today we remember him for his unique characteristics and inspiring beliefs.  

Torey cannot be described in one word: one sentence could never encompass all he gave to others or what he stood for as a man.  Everything he did say or do had one common trait; and that is Passion.  Torey loved his wife and son in a way that all of us witnessed and admired, but this love extended outwards to family, friends and strangers alike.  He had a passion for poetry, a passion for music, a passion for politics, a passion for sports.  He passionately cared about the futures of kids he coached, he passionately cared about preserving and restoring the environment for kids he would never know, he passionately cared about fighting poverty and ending institutionalized racism for kids he would never meet. 

Torey will be forever missed and remembered as a humanitarian and a fighter for all.  He would want each and every one of us to continue thei campaign for justice and equality in a world that is unfair and cruel for so many, so let us all be inspired and motivated to allow him to live forever in our hearts through the actions we take.  The world has lost a beautiful man, but it is a more beautiful place now because he was here.  W love you , T-MITCH!

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