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David Bowie


There is hardly a person who would not have dreamed that he would be happy wherever he came and that he was paid for it. It seems impossible. However, there are such people. These are world legends. Unfortunately, most have already died. If they were alive, then all the doors would be open for them. This is not luck, but the result of hard work. David Bowie, a singer, composer, artist, actor, producer and songwriter, belongs to such people.

On January 8, 1947, a baby was born in Brixton, London, whose full name was David Robert Jones. "The worst place and time for childhood than London in the 1940s is impossible to imagine," said neighbor Bowie. Despite this, David was still able to reveal his potential, even in elementary school, where he was remembered as a purposeful and talented child. After the family of the future star moved to the neighboring suburb of Bromley. He entered primary school there. David's vocal abilities in the school choir were rated as "satisfactory", playing the flute was considered better than average. David was not particularly upset because of the best evaluation of his gift. He was talented and talent always stayed with him. David carried it with him. The dancer and mime Ledsey Kemp, whom he met being the young musician, recalls: “He lived on his emotions and had a most wonderful influence. His daily life was the most theatrical of the performances that I have ever seen. For me, he was a living embodiment of bohemian life. I joined the circus. ”

 His idols were Elvis Presley and Frankie Lamon, Chuck Berry. They were the benchmark for David.

In the early 1960s, Bowie performed under his own name or under the pseudonym "Davy Jones", which had two spellings - Davy and Davie, which created confusion with Davy Jones from The Monkees. To avoid this, in 1966, he took the pseudonym of Bowie in honor of the hero of the Texas Revolution: being a big fan of Mick Jagger, he learned that “Jagger” translated from Old English means “knife”, so David took a similar pseudonym (Bowie's knife is a type hunting knives, named after Jim Bowie. David Bowie’s birthday is considered to be January 14, 1966. It was on this day that he first appeared under that name with the group The Lower Third on the cover of the "Can't Help Thinking About Me" record.

David Bowie did not admit in one interview that he always wanted to become famous, but did not always know how to do it. By this, he explained the variety of experiments in his creative activity at the beginning of his career.

For the first time, glory smiled on David in 1969 - with the release of his single "Space Oddity". The single hit the top five UK hits. What is so amazing about this song? This is what she left at the same time as the first astronaut landing on the moon. The song itself in the title and text contained a reference to the film Stanley Kubrick "A Space Odyssey", as well as popular at the time psychological overtones. So began the career of a musician. In addition to music, David starred in a variety of films. He even made a contribution to the gaming industry. The first game of the famous David Cage was embodied in a lot by Bowie. He wrote music for her. Also in the image of a musician was modeled a character named Boss.

In 2000, the weekly “New Music Express” conducted a survey among musicians of various styles and trends. Journalists asked only one question: “Which musician had the greatest influence on your own work?” According to the survey, the most influential musician of the century was David Bowie.

David Bowie recently left life. David Bowie died on January 10, 2016 after one and a half years of fighting liver cancer, but he will live forever in the breach.

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