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Freddie Mercury


“How cool, I can eat sausages on the street. Nobody bothers me, and I am happy that I can be like everyone else, although he would hardly have liked to be like everyone else ” – this is what they say about the legendary man whose name is remembered by more than one generation of people – this is Freddie Mercury. Live, real, hates failures, he fell and rose again. This is it - a rock star, a world-scale legend, a leader in life, and the lead singer of the Queen group.

Freddie Mercury was born in September 5, 1946 in the Parsi family. Good thoughts, good words, and good deeds – perhaps this is the only and most important thing that his parents taught. Their dreams have come true and continue to be realized so far in the singer’s creative heritage.

It all started with the fact that once then, just a guy named Farrokh met a group of musicians, from whom the lead singer left. A Pakistani-born guy offered his help to budding musicians, but he only laughed. Then Freddie showed them his talent. That was the way the band formed, Queen. Freddie Mercury himself called all members of the group royals. Therefore, it was. This is true. Four members. Each member is an individual. The word of each person of the group is important, but at the same time, their group was not just a team, it was a family. Nevertheless, Freddie was the leader, although the singer did not recognize this.

A lot of bad and good news has been written about the lead singer. However, even those who are not personally acquainted with him know him. Freddie Mercury was so open. He did not take away all the glories of his glory. He did not put himself above the others. He was a leader not because he wanted to lead, but because he simply did his favorite work – he sang and inspired people.

Freddie Mercury was a shocking man who could not be limited to any framework. Therefore, it is displayed on a rock band. Contemporaries of the 80s, more than once tried to limit the work of the group with some kind of framework. Their efforts were unsuccessful. Freddie did not allow anyone to limit himself and the group. Creativity of the group was diverse. Each band member could write a song. It is not hard to write a song. Only Freddie could make a real musical hit. He was not afraid of change and experimentation either in life or in work. The most popular songs of the “Queen” group are the result of the Freddie Mercury experiment. The leader of the group literally hypnotized the crowd of spectators, forcing people to sing along with it. People liked to be part of the Queen group even for a few minutes. Freddie noticed this and decided to use the crowd in the song “We will rock you”. The task of the audience was very simple - stomp your feet 2 times and clap your hands once. Such a find did not let the audience relax for a second.

Freddie Mercury was charismatic and freedom loving. Many did not like his behavior, but he didn’t want to please everyone. All the same, you will not please. When Freddie was offered to record a solo album, the tone called him “Mr. Bad Guy”. Unfortunately, the album was not successful. Freddie perceived defeat as the beginning of success. He was not afraid of failure and began to work hard in the Queen group.

The singer died early in 45 years. The last days of life were not very different. All his life the singer lived every day as the last day. His love for life and creativity inspired more than one generation, “Show must go on” and the show of Freddie Mercury continues and will continue for a long time. Legends do not die; they simply cease to be with us forever remain in their creative legacy.

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