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God has the best .. he has you..

SONYA JO FILION GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. 1/22 /1971-6/8/2019 BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYES BABY GIRL . THIS IS MY  tribute is to MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER Sonya Jo Filion. She is /was oldest sister.. who passed away THIS YEAR on June 8th of 2019. Sonya there's so much I'd wish I'd known and so many things I wanted us to do in years to come. This age we're living is a time of constantly going. We both had our own Families and we both worked before you became disabled and we always lived on different sides of town. I feel like someone has or is playing a terrible joke ON US .. I ask myself what did I do wrong what more could I have done in order to have you here with us on Earth.. I'm scared for you leaving and going on alone .. you left and mom's shattered she's ready to join you and Dad fights the tears back as he's trying to be strong.. but the truth is it has taken a huge part of each of us and I even questioned or Lord.. Who takes away a sister from another before you  COULD show me GINNIE SPRINGS OR BLUE SPRINGS we we're going to clean Dave's house and that was a conversation we had a few days before you suddenly took on chills and a fever..I question EVERYTHING like why wouldn't you go to the hospital when you always did before,you always went  without a second thought .. Sonya this is permanent and though I feel you'll always be in my heart and I hope pray and wish your spirit to live through me if at all possible you are more then welcome to as long as I'm on this Earth. I love you more then you probably would have ever known I hope you know now.. I wish The Homeless, the addicts , the lost and less fortunate knew how much you cared and tried to help them when you could  .. Bagging socks painting furniture giving food and toiletries to those in need  and the Florida Gators and NASCAR and our Sherriff Grady Judd , I wish knew how much you cared and how you were their biggest fan    ..oh and Channing Tatum.. OMG.  Lol.... God knows how you loved us, them and the Lord himself knows your heart. I'm rambling but I don't want to end I dont want to let you go. 

My wish for you is stuck in my head....

Beautiful .. and Five more're gonna miss this..

We are family.. Lodi dodi.. dead and gone . She's a little runaway..blues not your color.. but it will buy me a truck .he said I'll love her till I die . I hope you dance Purple Rain .. 

To my Sister my teacher my heart

Sonya Jo Filion age 49 went to be with the Lord on June 8th 2019 due to complications with COPD

Sonya was born on January 22,1970 in Gas City Indiana  to

Mother  Rebecca J.Nelson

Father Joe McGinnis (Not a Dad not anything more then a sperm donor )that's how I feel and Sonya doesn't care because we have two that loved her and she didn't need him . Thank you Dad and Bo Dad .. love you lots  

Sonya was raised by Her Mother and her adopted Father Edward(Gene) Hancock who raised her as his own along with me Candice (Candy) Hancock Johnson who is 18months  her Jr. . Sonya has Two other sisters Shauna  Thuette (plus a neice and nephews)of Missouri and Nikki Hancock of North Carolina. 

We love her with everything we have and she will be missed dearly until we see her again . 

Leaving behind a Husband

Christopher (Chris ) Filion of Lakeland FL

Two Sons and their  fiances  Joseph (Joe)Ryan Clary Girlfriend /fiance Ms.Terri and Codie Gene Hancock and Ms.Jessica both of Lakeland. 

Sonya has two grandchildren  one grandDaughter and one grand son of Her oldest son Joey  and her grandchildrens mothers name Is Tina Clary ..

Halie is age 13 and Jake is 7 who was my sister's world.. she loved All her kids Tina Terri and she was getting to know and bond with Jessica but she was happy for Codie . CODIE was finally happy that's all she really wanted for her family members.  

Through  time minds and hearts change and people sometimes move on but Sonya loved her family and extended family with all her heart.. she loved singing dancing and celebrating everything she could .. singing,entert entert and cooking we're her passions . Well along side of Yard sales and the love for   her  Her husband  her two sons and grandkids neighbors kids like the boys in Lake City  Joey and Zack and Maxine's children and Faith , that's HALIES bff, ,.. her little Skittles who is still missing her like we all miss her . Ok I'm not good at this It's actually my first time I know Sonya  had many friends to help her in her along ..Sonya was  blessed We have a great family some are nuts and will tell you they are some who are in denial.. 

But if anything will make you crazy feeling of  rage ,heartache,emptiness helpless- ness and a million new emotions every minute It's  losing a child , a parent ,a spouse ,a friend or a sibling..She was all of these things.. and it hurts 







 I'm going to list names of people I know that Sonya loved and that loved her as well .We all will miss her and it may become easier in time to think of her as being in heaven but the selfish sides of us will be greiving for years to come. I myself have never hurt this much ..

Husband Chris Filion of Lakeland Florida Sons Joey and Codie of Lakeland and step Daughter and  grand child of south Carolina.

The Filion Family of North Carolina , Arizona ,South Carolina,???..

REBECCA KELLY Lewis Kelly Beverlyhills,Fl Mother and StepFather 

Roxanne Sonya and Jr  Berry Family of Lakeland,Fl friends 

Gordie Yewman of Green Bay ,Wisconsin Family Friend

Gene and Susie Hancock of LakeCity,Fl Father and his Girlfriend we tease and call her step mom     ??

Candice and Mike Johnson Lakeland FL

Nikki and Codie Hancock of Maggie Valley NC and Lakeland Fl Sister and youngest son.

April Befort and Faith Savel of Georgia cousins,Jackie, Bartlett and Gay and Joi Bowers Brandon Fl Turkey Creek,Fl and PlantCity ,Fl Aunt and cousin

Keith, Diane and Christy Hancock of Orlando Aunt uncle cousin

The Nelson Family of Lakeland

Burtch Family of Ohio Aunt uncle and cousins.

Fred, Brenda ,and Michael Uncle and Aunt cousin 

The Nelson Family of Marion Ft.Wayne INDIANA Don Rusty Rose  Anne and their FamiliesCousins and Aunt

Salina Bodie of DC.

Brenda Horne of Lakeland Friend

Tina McHenry Purvis and family of Live Oak , 1st Childhood friend 

The Stone Family of LakePlacid,Fl cousins

Maxine Barr and Family of Lakeland

Hancock ,Squire Family of Tennessee Uncle Benny and Chris .

Susan Hancock Aunt of BelleGlade FL .

Tina Clary,Autum ,Randy and Rose Sawyer,The Barr family Gordie Yewman Lakeland FL Micheal Rosier of Sarasota FLSteve Sloan Friend Terry Howard Friend Joe Clary Joey's Father and Penni Holloway who is Sonya's ex daughter in law Tina's mother and sister Leslie Snipe and Friends) Dave Becker Alex Pelfry,Mark Beagley cousin Ira, Gary Kennedy  Mary Bass, Clint and Doreen Davis,Crystal Snellgroves ,  Chrystal and her husband sorry I can't remember his name but there's so many I don't know I'm 

And many more I ran out of space .  SONYA YOURE LOVED ON EARTH as YOURE LOVED IN HEAVEN AND WE MISS YOUR LAUGH AND YOUR SMILE WE MISS YOURE WHIT AND THE WAY YOU MADE US ALL LAUGH AND FEEL SPECIAL. GOD NOW HAS THE BEST ANGEL ....MAYBE HE MIGHT NOT NEED ANY OF US.  NOT SINCE HE HAS THE BEST .   REST IN PEACE SIS FOREVER IN MY HEART .. .  YOU LEFT YOUR MARK HERE...I WISH WE COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.. PS.. I WARNED YOU ABOUT THAT DRAGON FLY ..JUST THROWING THAT OUT THERE. LOVE YOU FLY HIGH .. ??????????????????????????????️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️PS PLEASE HUG MOM WHEN YOU CAN SEND HER A SIGH EVERY NOW AND THEN .. SHES FALLING APART INSIDE .. HUGS I'LL LET YOU GO NOW ?????????????????????????️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️

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