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I never got to say Good-bye,
I never thought I had to,
Coming home from school all those times,
Opening the kitchen door
And knowing you would be there,
“Hola Chiquita, how was school?”
I never thought about the day when you wouldn’t greet me,
Because childhood innocence
Promised me you would be there

The last time I saw you,
I was going away
Looking toward the adventure
Too excited to look back
I promised myself I would come back to say "hi."
We would speak in your language instead of mine,
And you’d say,
“Muy Bien, Chiquita, I’m so proud.”
Well, now I'm back
But you're not here anymore
And no matter how much I scream and cry about the unfairness
I will never see you smile again.
No matter how many doors I open,
You’re not behind any of them.

I never got to say good-bye
Because I always thought I would have one more hello
One more hug,
One more day after school,
Now I have neither
You've gone on your big adventure
But you can't come back.

*This poem is dedicated to Orbelina Martinez, she may be gone but never from my heart. Te amo.



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