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Dear Grandma,

Your departure was quite sudden. I remember the days when I visited you and we used to talk about random topics. I remember the feeling when you hugged me before I left. You were very thin, but I could feel the warmth and love that you were trying to convey. I never thought that would be last time visiting you. Before that, I was still planning to visit you on Chinese New Year Eve and buy you your favourite food – pizza.

I miss you more than I expected. As a kid, I was not that close to you since we lived apart and I rarely had the opportunity to interact with you. All I knew was you were a great housewife that was able to cook mouthwatering meals. Because of that, I always looked forward to your cooking. As I grew up, I had the ability to visit you more often and do more for you. I loved seeing your smile, it was so warm and loving. You were always a considerate and easygoing person, even when you were feeling unwell. You never wanted to trouble us and preferred to do things yourself unless you really needed our help.

Although I miss you dearly, I am still glad that you left in peace and without pain. I hope you are happy with your reunion with grandpa in heaven. Rest in peace, grandma, your memories with us will never be forgotten and you will always be in our hearts.


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