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Helping Hands

Naomy Rotich, a woman so great and lovely beyond any possible descriptions. She was born 1960, raised and natured by humble parents in a simple neighbourhood and eventually became a reknowned nurse impacting lives wherever her hands touched.

I was young when she took me into her care. My family was very unstable; with a dad who was ever drunk and a mum struggling to make ends meet, the future seemed bleak  for my siblings and I but God sent an angel our way; Naomy. She came to the rescue, taking my siblings and I into her care. She was lovely, treating us like one of her own, giving us every attention a mother gives her own yet in a manner so natural and effortless that we literally became her own.

I remember you mum, I think about you every single day. I'm all grown up now and am back to living with my parents but I will be moving out soon. Whenever I call my mother 'mum', sometimes I think I've used the right name on the wrong person; cuz you were a mother like none, with a unique touch on the person that I am.

She was a devoted nurse, she would wake up early and come in late. Sometimes, our neighbours would come knocking on ours doors for help especially expectant women who were due  but would not make it to hospital in time. She would be glad, she would say," come in, lets get us a baby.". With love and compassion she did her works and impacted the world both within and without.

She raised four well-mannnered  children, all who became very successful. She made the local hospital a comfortable place to visit whenever one was unwell, she united the women within the village and by her virtues she made her husband a respectable man.

I am the woman I am today; strong, hardworking, socially-impacting, loving and loveable, because of her influence. I take pride in associating with awesome siblings all thanks to her affectionate motherhood. Our village is reputable and united due to the woman that she was.

She died at 50. I could say she died empty; having exhausted all that she was, having used all her gifts in life. She is a memorable lady. "You demonstrated love at its purest, we celebrated you in life and you still are a celebrated life our lovely mum Noamy.".




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