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I need you


I need you Pots.

The nights of cuddling, the routine visits.

I know you're not a person, but you made a huge impact in my life, more than a person ever could.

You should have seen the way i cried when you were being put down, i have never cried so much.

The way you just layed there, you looked so peaceful. I wondered if you were just asleep or dreaming about me. I wonder if you could see me that day or if you can see me now, silently watching over me, having fun in the heavens. Playing and sleeping in the sun. November 3rd, 2015 to be exact.

But let's talk about your life, when it was in full bloom. I remember coming home from trips, and hearing you meow and rush to see us. That's when we didn't have Charlie, and to be honest, when you were here, i was a cat person. I loved hearing you meow and i loved the way your tail would stick up and i loved everything about the way you did everything. The way you would jump up on tables, and be so annoying, but i took it for granted because i thought you would be around for much longer than you were.

I still remember when i was younger, i was so rude to you. I would be rough to you, and it went over my head that i was being abusive to you.

I am so sorry if i caused you any stress or pain. I was a dumb kid. I would give anything to have you back. I love you Pots. I always will. Your ashes are sitting right next to me as i write this.

You will always be loved forever.


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