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In loving memory of Charles Eustace Dolen

To recognize the life of my Dad born November 16,1941 - February 25 2019. 

My Father was a loving man who treasured family and friends, was quick witted and could make one smile or laugh in any situation which is a gift I wish I had.  He was a church going man and read his Bible daily.  I know there are many people who hold fond memories  of my Dad and am thankful for that. He honorably served in the Armed Forces and retired from the Finishers Union Local 132.  

He is survived  by his wife of 10 years Phyllis  Dolen, his son Charles Joseph Dolen, his daughter Kimberly  Debrosky, his daughter Carrie Crum, and son Charles.  Children by marriage include Phyllis  Woods, John Cox, Jerry Miller, Shanna Bailes, and many more extended family.  He was survived by 15 grandchildren, 15 grandchildren by marriage, 18 great grandchildren, 28 grandchildren by marriage. Brothers James Dolen, Carlos Dolen. Sisters Melba Sprouse and Dorma Lee Owens.  

I just wanted to  create something to share with friends and family in order to remember my Father in a positive way as was life. 

Though I did not know my Father as well  as some, I do know the positive impact He left on my family who were blessed to have him in their lives and I know they will carry Him forward in their hearts and minds for their lifetimes and beyond. 

Thank you Dad for being you and the special person all will remember.  







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