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In memory of my great and late Grandpa

It was the year 2002 and I lost my grandpa he was very close to me. My grandpa was a really kind, simple and inspiring people I'd known. He wasn't only my grandpa to me in growing up he was certainly one of my best friends ever.

I'd a difficult time in my childhood and my grandpa was always there for me. Along with his love and guidance that time I'm who I'm today. As a result, he is a true hero for me personally and gave me the important values, fame and respect that I owe today.

Since childhood when I needed to keep in touch with someone I talked to grandpa all the time as he was always there. He always seemed to learn precisely what I needed.  I would often ask “Have you been OK, Baba?” or “Have you been comfortable?” or “Have you been all good, Baba?“ And each time he replied, “I'm alright.” Many of us in the family members were truly inspired by him to learn his far-sighting thoughts, his works, his prayers and obviously his great personality.

During my college days, I made plans to visit his farmhouse with my grandpa. Unfortunately, on second day we were to meet, Grandpa called me to inform me he had to cancel as a result of bad health and the cold. No matter. I told him to obtain well and remind me once he started feeling better.

The next morning I woke up to my phone ringing repeatedly. I was informed that my grandpa have been taken up to a hospital nearby for treatment.  I rushed quickly to a medical facility to see him. When Grandpa wasn't able to put up a chat, I let him rest, but I wanted to be sure he wasn't alone. And day continued; he has been the past four days. And then very next day he was discharged from a medical facility and I was overjoyed to see my grandpa with my own personal family.

As I get older he explained he was worried about my education and finding the right person for me. He was worried about that. That's why I was so saddened when he died suddenly of an enormous attack and then realized that I didn't have my companion anymore to hear my words.

Eighteen years later, today I still think of him, I still remember and think about the great times we had with him. I still cry over him, sometimes without any reason, I just cry. My grandpa could be happy that I have found someone very special. I still miss him and I wish my son (Ridhaan, 9) had the chance to know him as I did.


I certainly miss my grandpa and it still hurts whenever I think of him, but I'm glad I knew him and I'm more proud to state I'm a part of his family. In memory of my great and late grandpa, many thanks for all you did and earned for all of us and many thanks for always being there when I needed you.


From the whole family, we like you! We miss you! You're a real hero!


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