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Living of a legend - Freddie Mercury

You have probably heard or even seen the recent movie called Bohemian Rhapsody which follows the band Queen around key moments of their evolution, reaching their peak on the Live Aid 1985 show. Queen, a rock band formed in the '70s is iconic in rock's history and it is composed of four talented members : John Deacon - known for bass guitar, Brian May - the main guitarist of the band, Roger Taylor - the drummer and their lead singer, Freddie Mercury, or as his original name is : Farrokh Bulsara. Freddie was born in Zanzibar, but spent his life in UK.

This tribute article is dedicated to him and to the great impact he has had on my life for a long year. I was 6 when I was listening to "We are the champions" in my father's car and curiously asking my mother what happened to the singer. She would just reply : "Sadly, he passed away many years ago" . That was all I knew back then, but kept asking the same question every time that song came on radio. Few years later, when I was around 14, I have listened for the first time in my life to "Bohemian Rhapsody" which is considered the most spectacular Queen song ever. I felt excited, I felt sad, I felt calm, I felt anxious and felt like I have just discovered the greatest singer ever. 

For a few years I was listening just Queen. I totally loved every song they had and watched all the recorded concerts, all the interviews with Freddie and all the documentaries I could find with him. Watching some of them was hard, knowing that he's gone for so many years, but yet his memory is so strong preserved. Sometimes while watching I was feeling like crying, sometimes I was so happy to watch him that I could not stop smiling in front of the monitor. I've read a lot about his personal life too, I must admin, and always admired him for him courage to live a life of his own, however he wanted and not giving a damn about what others said. 

His flamboyant style helped me gained some confidence and act just like I am. Even though I am a shy person, I am not afraid to admit it.

Whenever I have the chance, I promote his image and even made my girlfriend to listen to some of his songs. Now we're both singing "Somebody to love" when it gets on the radio. As a personal opinion about the movie, my favorite part was the audio one. Listening to their music in a cinema was such an amazing experience and I couldn't stop smiling through all the movie. Regarding his attitude shown in the movie, I imagined him being more shy around strangers, as I've read in many interviews, but I guess everybody would see him from a different perspective.

This tribute is dedicated to a wonderful man with so much talent, so much passion in his soul and so much courage to admit who he really is. 

May he rest in peace.


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