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Nipsey Hussle- A Tribute to the Real Hustler


This year the hip-hop culture not only lost an icon but one of the few artists that clearly knew how to live according to the hip-hop mantra. Ermias Joseph Asghedom popularly known as Nipsey Hussle was born on August 15th, 1985 and raised in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Los Angeles. He blew up in the West Coast hip hop scene in the mid-2000s and in December 2005 independently released his first mixtape Slauson Boy Volume 1. This laid the foundation of his later signing into Epic records and feature on to the Annual XXL Magazine hip-hop Top Ten Freshmen in 2010.

As a fan who shares his story (living in the hood and having to crawl and battle my way out), I was deeply saddened by his unfortunate death. Hussle lived for his music and never forgot about his community. He became a philanthropist and community activist after attaining success through his music and entrepreneurship ventures. In comparison to most people who solely viewed the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up as a hub of gangs and despair, Nipsey Hussle saw potential and made a decision to spark change.

Now I know a lot can be said about rappers and the type of music lyrics that they choose to sing which mostly references misogynist analogies, violence, and drugs. But if you are a true follower of the hip-hop culture you should be able to sieve out extraordinary culture music amongst all the rubbish on the internet that cloaks itself as “Hip-hop music”. His music inspired the younger generation and in particular his last album “Victory Lap” before his death. Also, his single with Roddy Rich and Hit boy, “Racks in the middle” which reached a peak of #44 on the billboard 200 rap chart talked mostly and in-depth the struggles in the ghetto, the dreams of a struggling person in the ghetto, and life after the ghetto. This single, in particular, is what you would call a rap song with “substance”.

Unlike other genres of music, hip-hop artists are notoriously known for not settling down i.e. having a steady marriage life despite a few notable scenarios like Jay Z and Beyoncé, Papoose and Remy Ma; as it contradicts to the lifestyle, they showcase of wealth compounded with numerous women. Nipsey took to showcase a good example to the society amidst the beliefs in hip-hop. He had one woman and stuck to that principle as a man.

Nobody’s an angel and for a fact, Nipsey had his fair share of legal issues. As like a lot of rappers whose arrests are drug-related, He was once arrested in June 2015 for suspicion of possessing codeine which is a controlled substance. Despite these few mishaps (error is to man), he left behind a splendid legacy of hope where there is none, the virtue of having principles as a man, and most of all what it means to be at the height of the hip-hop culture.

Just like a legend, he will be remembered as one ALWAYS.

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