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Remembering our Grandparent


The last of the generation X in our family passed on last September 2019. A gentle woman, with infinite patience and endurance for life. Possessing an indomitable heart to love, an elusive concept to me till this day but something that I’m a recipient of.

My grandfather left earlier than her. A proud man, talented and expressive.

They spawned eight children one of which is my mother. My imagination is not enough to fully understand the challenges of raising 8 children, a paltry number compared to us 4 siblings.

Our vacations with my grandparents were always filled with adventure. We climbed the hill sized mountains which made us short on breath, tended to carabaos ignoring their particular smell, racing them (we were chastised for this but it was fun anyway), gathered wild fruits and play until the sun was peaking between mountains. We will hear our grandmother shouting for us from a long distance but we still heard her.

Waking up is an experience in itself. Inhaling the morning air laced with the aroma of burning wood and brewed coffee, birds chirping, with the cold air gently touching your arms.

You just get the feeling that something exciting is going to happen for the day.

The day did get to be exciting!

But first things first, a simple breakfast of dried fish and fried rice starts our day. Cooked and prepared by my grandmother. After washing ourselves, the play begins. We will be making bamboo pistols, by the way, ability to craft is an essential talent to be had. We had the pleasure of eating whatever our aunts and uncles planted. They are farmers by trade, freshness is not an option. It is the only way to go if you are in the province.

We eat at any house that lunch will find us. The food is always delicious after all the energy that we spent. Dinner will always be at my grandparent’s house. The day is ended with stories from my grandfather.

You might ask, where is the tribute? Well, the memories of my vacations with my grandparents occupies most of my childhood memories. It would not be great if not for them. They were not really a very long vacations, just 2 months for around 3years and then life happened. We became teens with other summer activities.

But those does not occupy my mind as much as the vacations we had with my grandparents. Although I enjoyed the adventures because it was fun, I enjoyed it more because I know that being there, with them, gives them joy.

They are not rich nor well placed in society, they are farmers by profession but they are respected and loved. A legacy that few were able to leave behind.



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