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Richard Brown

Date of birth: 20th February 1977
Date of death: 22nd July 2023
Dorking, Surrey
Rich. Ric. Monks. WiggyBig. RickyBigEye. Browny. Dweeb.

Hello Richard fans! I want to create a professionally printed memory book about Richard, including special photos and written tributes, and I would love YOU to contribute. :) Please can you write a little something, perhaps about what Richard meant to you or a special memory. I welcome anything from one liners to lengthy pieces. It all counts, so please play a part in this. Both myself and my girls, Evie & Mabel, will look back at this book for decades to come. Thank you, everyone! Holly xxx


Rob Reid
9 months ago

We went to uni together and lived in a lovely house in complete squalor, then we bought a console and played games when we should have been studying, played pool when we should have been studying and went to the local pub when we should have been studying. But sometimes we played tennis when we should have been studying (you were always too good so then we played squash and you were still too good!).

We then got paid to "work" together (after you put a good word in), we learnt snowboarding together and bought the same boards, we went to loads of gigs and clubbing nights and stayed up too late, went on random city breaks and we played football together and both wanted the no.7. We even became dads just a few weeks apart and later moved away from London the same month and shared those new experiences.

We did so much together but there still wasn't enough time, because you were a wise old man that was never given the chance to actually become one.

We often all spoke about how in old age we would be sitting in our care home drinking weak tea and eating budget custard creams but we would still be making each other laugh with the same stupid jokes.
Sadly that wasn't to be, but you showed me how a young man can be both hilarious and serious, quick-witted and caring, interesting and interested, and discerning yet phenomenally sweary.

I only have happy memories growing older with you and that seems like a fitting thing to hold on to.

Until the next quick game

Thanks for everything
Bobby Reidler
Henry Greenwood
10 months ago
I met Rich when he was captain, organiser, and leader for our Tuesday evening 7 a side league team, Patcorp. He was a good footballer, excellent organiser, but most importantly helped to make playing enjoyable whether winning or (more often) losing over many years.

The mysteriously named Patcorp (I've been told several times why it's called Patcorp but can never remember) is the longest serving team in its league having been going for around 20 years when most teams come and go in just a few. Rich is one of the big reasons for that with the way he set the tone in leading and organising the team. I was flattered and pleased that he asked me to take over when he decided to hang up his boots, and have since passed over duties to others who also follow his lead.

When we heard about his illness, we organised a fundraising tournament for him and it was touching to see several of the teams that we'd had rivalries with over the years turning up despite many of the players being well into their 40s.

While I only met up with Rich at our weekly football matches and occasional beers after, he became a good friend during the time we played together and was one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He made a big impact on my life, and I know that many others who played for Patcorp over the years will continue to remember him always.
Marie O'Neill
10 months ago
I got to know and love Rich though Holly, when our oldest daughters started at Crickets Montessouri Nursery together in London. Rich and Holly's home was light and lofty on the edge of Gladstone Park and was filled with carefully curated toys, mindful parenting, cats, many a heartfelt conversation, and always a welcoming cup of tea. Rich’s face was always quick to break into his huge smile. He was refreshingly open and honest, interesting, and always kind. As Holly became one of my most treasured friends, Rich, Evie and Mabel were also close to my heart. Evie and Mabel can be so proud of their Daddy. May they feel his lasting love and presence as they navigate this new world alongside their incredibly strong, wise, kind and beautiful mother, Holly. Kia kaha. Arohanui, Marie
Tamrin Gatenby-Potter
10 months ago
I was first introduced to Rich on a zoom chat - bringing 5 emotional woman and one quirky man together. The Royal Marsden and one thing we had in common, our child had cancer Little did we know at the time that this support group would make friends for life. Rich was the glue, the one that made us laugh, cracked seriously funny jokes when we all needed to hear them and had that infectious smile.
He always spoke to highly of his family, his 2 gorgeous girls who he adored, and the strength of Holly.
Rich you'll be terribly missed on our next zoom call, but we will raise a glass to you. And I promise we'll meet up for that walk, remembering you as we do.
With love, Tamrin x
Claire Jackson (DfT team)
10 months ago
Richard, your dear Husband and doting Daddy, was a special person who loved his family so so much and deeply cared for his team mates at work too.

Richard was my manager at work and he hired me into the DfT team in January 2020. In the interview, he spilt the jug of water all over the table and me! It was the end of a long day and after interviewing 8 other people, he was tired and simply missed the cup, we all laughed and it put everyone at ease! I did have a feeling after that, I’d get the job and get on well!

Once I was in the team, he made me feel very warm and welcomed. That was the kind of person he was.

I'll always have very fond memories of Richard and the time we all spent together as a special team at work during Covid.

We'll never forget him and hold him forever in our hearts.
Hannah Gooden
10 months ago
Richard and I were both in the same parents support group, when Mabel and my daughter Millie were being treated at the Marsden. He called this the ‘shit NCT’ group in typical-Richard style, making us laugh and bringing lightness and support in the toughest of times. He was always so interested in how everyone was getting on, so thoughtful, kind, caring and emotionally intelligent. He always seemed to know the right thing to say, and was so good at bringing us all together. He obviously cares so deeply for all three of you - spending endless nights with Mabel in hospital, helping Evie process what was going on with the treatment and proudly showing us your spreadsheets and organisational masterpieces! To steal a quote from Deborah James (bowelbabe) ‘cancer is a terrible way to make amazing friends’. Richard lives on through us all, and we will try to channel his positivity, humour and compassion as we continue to support each other. With love, Hannah x
Matt Redward
10 months ago
Ric, what can I say, writing this has been hard.

I remember first meeting you round Helen’s and my flat in Streatham when you came to visit with Mark. I thought at the time, that you were someone who I would get on with and that proved to be the case.
I have such fond memories of those early days. Those late nights clubbing…dancing, making fun of Baldie, chatting nonsense and dancing some more.

I went out on the bike today and it really hit me that you won’t be there for any more weekend meet ups. Getting absolutely plastered in mud, chatting about everything and nothing – I always looked forward to that hour or so in my week. Even when times were getting tough for you, you'd have such genuine interest on what I was up to, even though it seemed so mundane in comparison.

Your warm, caring, thoughtful nature is something I take real inspiration from.

Will miss you mate.
Stephan, Lin-Marie, Beatrix and Alana
10 months ago

We met by chance via a friend shortly after the lockdown restrictions lifted and your beautiful family moved to our road.

Our families bonded instantly and we
felt so sure that, once the dust of cancer and Covid settled we still had miles to walk together; believed there would be hours more time that we would be able to chat; watch our girls play together in our gardens. How cruel life can be to have taken you away so fast, just as we got to know kind, generous, positive, humorous, adventurous you properly.

When your internet went down you worked from our house on and off alongside Stephan. I remember our cat befriended you immediately; he knew a fantastic person when he saw one, I found him relaxing next to you while you beamed at him, affectionately stroking his ears between work calls. There might’ve been some funny selfies you took of the two of you on your phone too!

The fight you fought with Holly to get Mabel well again and keep Evie positive during the toughest of times anyone could face was incredible; you were the best parents any child could ever have wished for. You dearly loved your girls and wife; that was obvious; you and Holly were a strong, beautiful and devoted team. An amazing dad; I remember the Harry Potter party where you donned a wizard outfit and remained in role for you entire potion presentation; the children lapping it all up and following your every move, squealing with utter amazement and glee.

It is unthinkable that you are no longer with us; you are dearly missed. We still feel like you’ll come whizzing down the road on your bike, Evie and Mabel in tow and pause when you’re passing our house to say a joyful hi. It feels like any moment Stephan’s phone will beep with a request for another quick impromptu tennis match. That you’ll wave from the window of your house when we pop round before racing down to open the door.

It doesn’t feel possible that you’ve gone from this world. Maybe it is because you really are still with us and will forever be. We can see you in your children’s eyes. Your incredible legacy and the unending love you poured into your family will be kept alive by Evie, Mabel and Holly forever.

Thank you for everything you brought to this world. We will never forget you.

Your neighbours and friends
Lin-Marie, Stephan, Alana and Beatrix
Jane Berridge
10 months ago
A few fun memories of Rich...

Putting on a firework display in the back garden in Ridgeway Rd. He assumed I knew what I was doing; I assumed he did! I've never had as much fun being incompetent.

Not minding too much that Clara called him ' Wiggy' because that's what Evie and Mabel called him, even though he wasn't madly keen on it to start with.

Strawberry shoelaces and "dotdoofdotcom".

Running the Hogwarts Summer School as Severus Snape for Evie's birthday party.

Never a dull moment. Always a story and a perspective on things.
Kathleen Redmond
10 months ago

I see so many people here have different ways to address you, I just knew you as “Rich” the man that made my high school sister from another mister, a wife, a mother and eventually a solider. I have a vague recollection that I was there when you first met in some dark and dingy underground nightclub but age and that night’s alcohol consumption have somewhat blurred much of that. As always, we assume we have a lifetime to spend with people and sadly this is not to be for you, but those few times we did actually get to hang out, your witty ways and steadfast opinions will always stick in my mind but also the day you drove your hire car into the most remote area of the west of Ireland and got stuck. Holly was pregnant at the time and I had shingles so the holiday we planned was done via chats at the top of the drive and this one still makes me giggle. The scratches on the hire car there forever as testament to an adventurous soul.

In some cultures, they believe you can never die as long as someone still mentions your name. You will forever remain in the beating hearts of those who had the pleasure of your company and our memories will slowly become intertwined with those of your children and be carried on into their world as though they lived them themselves.
Sarah Hubbard
10 months ago
It’s still so hard to believe that Rich, as I knew him, is no longer with us. I worked with him for a few very happy years at Arup, where he quickly became a friend to me and countless others. He was a kind, generous and fun colleague, always ready with a beaming smile of encouragement or a brilliant deadpan self-deprecating comment that would have us all doubled up with laughter. One particular memory I have of him is how he would buy all of us in his team a book he thought we’d like for Christmas. It was a way he could share his love of books with us whilst also being typically generous and thoughtful. In the short time we worked together, I came to learn of his other passions - his love of five aside football, music, travel, and of course his devotion to Holly and the girls.
It is a cruelty he has been taken from this world so young. I will forever be inspired by his courage, generosity of spirit and decency. Fly high Rich.
Sarah x
Kelsey Eichhorn-Allen
10 months ago
It's impossible to find the "right" words for such a loss - they simply don't exist. All I can share is what I know - that some people leave the world too young, too full, still of love to give and adventures to have. But even so, if they live with passion and energy before they go, their vibrant spirit lasts forever. Rich was, for me, the best of colleagues - both a mentor and a friend. I owe so much of my positive early career experience to him - from the more traditional project opportunities and development of skills to the indispensable "clear-your-head" pizza lunches and "always celebrate even the little successes" pints. He brought his true, whole self to work and his love for life - for his colleagues, his friends, and first and foremost his family was infectious. He set the bar high, but I do my best to emulate him in all of my professional relationships, and I will be eternally grateful for the support and friendship he provided that set me on this path.

With love and gratitude,
Ian Winter
10 months ago
Dear Ric,
Thank you for so many happy times; at our homes, on our journeys, on our holidays, in our games and with our girls. You’ve left us far too soon, but the memory of your warmth, compassion and good humour will live with me forever.
Matt Wallden
10 months ago

That smile…

I’ll carry its memory, in my my memory, in your memory - and do my best to keep sharing it with the world… until next time.

Thank you, Richard. Fly well. Fly free.

That smile…
Sarah H
10 months ago
What a man we were so lucky to know. For too short a time but he is imprinted on our hearts. So when your heartaches because you miss him remember it’s because he is still in your heart and always will be. I didn’t know for very longer but will always remember his sharp mind and lovely smile. He loved his girls so much, so proud of his life with the three of you. Remember his love for you always. Xxxx
10 months ago
Dearest Richard,
It was a pleasure to get to know you. What a kind, devoted father to Evie and Mabel and loving husband to Holly you were.
You amazed us all with your strength and courage.

On behalf of all the team at Epsom, you will always be in our thoughts and we will think of you with fond memories.
With all our love,
Noreen,Lucy and all of the oncology team and community nursing team xxx
10 months ago

No words can do justice to you and the impact you had on my life. A lifelong friend and one of my closest buddies. The most caring, thoughtful, considerate and articulate chap, all in all a beautiful soul and a linchpin with the most magical ability to bring people together and keep them connected.

Highlights - too many to mention but here are a few:

1. Paper round - Having a regular chat at around 7.30am at the top of School Lane when you were just finishing your paper round and I had finished mine. I can't recall what we chatted about but I was always hoping I'd bump into you as I cycled home.

2. Gaming - Hours spent playing Street Fighter 2 and Mario Kart, you were generally the best out of all of us and would beat us on a regular basis. I put it down to you getting the most practice time in!

3. Football - Fetcham Park United. Your position was right wing, I was right back. When I got the ball I would hoof it up the wing for you to chase with varying degrees of accuracy and success. Still we had fun trying!

3. U2 gig at Wembley stadium 12.8.1993 aged 16/17. You and I at our first gig. We queued from 11am to get in the front section - can't beat that gig, even with an umbrella stuffed down my trousers and you with a rucksack and a new SNES game (if I recall correctly!) - essential items at a gig!

4. Snowboarding holiday to Val d'Isere, just you and I. I hadn't done it before , you taught me how to board, if you can call it that! You had the patience of a Saint but you did take me down a red run on the first day! We listened to the album Play by Moby all week and ate in the same Billabong cafe pretty much every night watching snowboarding video montages!

5. Night cricket at Cannon Grove recreation ground. An upside dustbin as a wicket, pitch black and with sunglasses on for good measure. Boy did we laugh!

6. Skateboarding - we were never any good but we could ollie a couple of cans and had immense fun skating around Leatherhead and Fetcham whilst listening to Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusions 1 & 2.

7. Music - we shared a common passion for new music. You would always listen to my suggestions and we discovered and fell in love with many an artist together. Most recently we both got addicted to Charlie Cunningham and we compared who'd listened to him most on Spotify - you won!

What a childhood ride into adulthood - and I'm one of the lucky ones to have got to do it with you! I wouldn't change that for the world, an honour and an utter privilege Sir.

I doff my cap and will embrace the void you've left, thanks for the memories.

'Its good that it rolls in the mind, it means it survives and it's still alive'. Charlie Cunningham - Plans

Love you dude x
10 months ago
Today, we gather to remember and honour a truly remarkable individual, Rich. He was not only an integral part of our Book Club but a dear friend who left an indelible mark on each of our lives. Rich's passing has left a void that cannot be filled, but his memory and spirit will forever remain with us.
Rich was more than just a participant in our Book Club; he was the heart and soul of our discussions. His insightful reviews and unique perspectives enriched our conversations, making every meeting a treasure trove of ideas and thoughts. Even when he offered constructive criticism, he did so with that characteristic twinkle in his eye, reminding us that every viewpoint was worth considering.
But Rich's contributions extended beyond literature. He was a warm and caring soul who took a genuine interest in each of our lives. During times of both joy and sorrow, Rich was there, offering his support and kindness. He displayed remarkable empathy when Paul faced the loss of his son, and he never wavered in his concern during Mabel's illness. His unwavering presence and compassionate nature were a source of strength for all of us.
One of the proudest moments in Rich's life was when he introduced his daughter Evie to the Book Club. We all remember the quiet solemnity with which she reviewed her chosen book, sitting beside her father, the embodiment of his love and pride. Family meant everything to Rich, and he spoke of his dear wife Holly with immense love and admiration. He admired her determination and courage, just as we admired his own bravery in facing his illness.
Rich's strength and courage were evident throughout his journey. He pursued his passions with determination, reminding us all that life is meant to be lived fully, even in the face of adversity. He never let his illness define him, showing up for our Book Club lunch right in the midst of treatments, proving his dedication to the things he cherished.
As we bid farewell to Rich, we do so with heavy hearts but also with the knowledge that his memory lives on. He will forever have a seat at our table during our monthly gatherings, a reminder of his wisdom, his warmth, and his friendship. And as we think of him in the peaceful place he now resides, we remember him gazing down upon his beloved family, his three girls, with an enduring and deep love.
Rest in peace, dear Rich. Your spirit will continue to inspire us, and your presence will forever be felt among us.
In loving memory,
Judy & Paul
Mark and Rachael Williams
10 months ago
We got to know Richard through our youngest daughters’ friendship at nursery and shared some lovely afternoons telling funny stories and playing ultra-competitive rounds of ‘exploding kittens’ and other board games. We had huge admiration for Richard’s approach to life, his love for his family and his awesomely dry sense of humour :-). We send our love and condolences to Holly, Evie and Mabel xxx
Alex Nicoll
10 months ago
Ric was like an elder brother to me - someone I looked up to, admired and turned to for advice and wisdom. Some of the best conversations of my life were with Richard, and he possessed a level of empathy and compassion I have rarely seen. As kids we bonded over a shared love of video games, and although later in life we saw less of each other that bond remained, forged on the pavements of Cannon Grove! Hard to believe you are gone, brother, but you shaped me so are with me everywhere I go. ‘Blades of Steel’ forever.
Alex Mayor
10 months ago
I had the good fortune to meet Rich at work – he hired me when he worked at Arup. We immediately clicked - he was another chap from London's suburbs, and we shared an enduring philosophical bemusement at the world of politics, music and much more besides. He was super smart of course, but also a thoughtful leader at work – someone who everyone loved working for or alongside.
My sincerest condolences to all his family and friends, Alex
Kirsty James
10 months ago
My “Godbrother” Ric - I will forever remember us as little children enjoying family holidays together in Cornwall and Devon. Sunny days playing on beautiful sandy beaches with the cheesy sounds of 80s holiday hits and you and Justin’s He-Man audio-stories on cassette tapes.

And then we grew up … and shared our weddings and our children. What a privilege that has been. Thank you for the memories - we will always treasure them.

Kirsty, Kev, Max and Lottie xxx
Jacquie of the Moulders
10 months ago
What a lovely neighbour, a lovely bloke and a great Dad. I went from chatting in the Mews, to seeing him settle in Mabel at our Nursery and he was so overwhelmed that he shed a tear of joy (actually many...luckily we have a lot of tissues at Nursery) to see Mabel having fun with children her own age, away from the hospital environment she had been in. It stays with me. What a softy and a beautifully unedited Man. I'm really glad I got to know him and his gorgeous family and will celebrate his loveliness and love for Star Wars!
Ben Vella
10 months ago
I met rich 11 years ago at NCT classes, I never presumed I’d find a friendship that would last over a decade there, but alongside our beautiful daughters a love of music, literature and arsenal bonded us. It’s staggeringly unfair he’s been take from us so soon, but I guess I should take a leaf from his book and try to be positive, that I got to spend time with a genuinely lovely, honest and funny guy. I’ll miss you loads mate.
Ben, Nat, Holly and Clara. Xx
Tom Chitty
10 months ago
Dear Ric,
You were such a good egg. A funny man. Thank you for being a kind and wonderful friend to my little sister; friend of the family.
With much love.
10 months ago
I met Richard through the Marsden Psychology support group when both Mabel and Isla were diagnosed with cancer.
Immediately after being introduced, i remember thinking how confident and funny Rich was, he had such a wicked sense of humour and was full of witty remarks that always made us as a group laugh. Through our short friendship it was obvious to me how much he loved and adored his family. His bond with his daughters shone through whenever he spoke of them and how cheeky or sweet they had been that day. The same could be said for his wife Holly, he always spoke of her with such kindness and admiration, he mentioned numerous times how he couldn't have got through Mabels treatment or been as strong through his own if it wasn't for the love and support of Holly. I will always remember Rich as the strong, funny witty man who made me smile many times, when I felt down or overwhelmed. I feel honoured to have known him and I will always remember him and his family with love.

Gemma xx
Kevin Reed
10 months ago
When Richard first joined our team at the Department for Transport he not only impressed everyone with his energy, knowledge and skills, but also helped to make the office a happier, better, place to work. We used to love that Richard arrived at the office on his skateboard and to hear stories about Holly, Evie and Mabel. Not forgetting snowboarding trips and his beloved Arsenal. I shared with Richard a love of Bob Dylan's music and he introduced me to several tracks I had never heard which I now play constantly.

So sad that his life and our friendship has been so cruelly cut short. He simply was one of the best people I have been lucky to know.
Paul Belk
10 months ago
You were the best of all of us Ric, a lot of who I am today is because of you. I am so incredibly lucky to have been sat next to you in that first English lesson.

So sad you had to leave the party early, but don't worry, we'll take it from here.
Grant Springford
10 months ago
Mr B - you were so many things to me. A brilliant manager, an inspiring leader…and one of the best friends I could have wished for.

You were always there for me and changed my life in so many ways. I will be forever grateful an amazing man like you was part of my life and I will always cherish the wonderful memories and love I have for you xxx
Richard Coello
10 months ago
Dearest Ric,

It’s still impossible to fathom your absence. I see pictures and recall moments on a daily basis where we laughed,, got into deep debates, played or had adventures together. I reflected recently with Holly that you were our group’s ‘glue’ - the centre of our Venn diagram - so many friends of mine today are part of my life because of you. I will miss your laugh, I will miss your wise counsel and of course, I will miss your central presence among the boys. But I take comfort knowing you left an indelible mark on us all, not least through your beautiful girls, which we’ll take with us forever. We will be there for them, so now, rest easy brother x

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