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Sonya Jo. Filion

I wanted to do a tribute for my sister Sonya Jo Filion.

Age 49   She was a Mother, Mema, Mother in Law,Daughter, Daughter in law , Sister, Wife , Sister in law, Neice , Neighbor, Co-worker and a Friend .. oh and she had adopted children to ..they know who they are..

Sonya was born a blonde hair and blue eyed baby girl in a town called Gas City, IndianaI on January 22nd 1970 Itwas a very cold day I'd imagine.

Rebecca Nelson Married Sonya's father in 1969 before Sonya was born but it didn't work out . So Rebecca left Sonya's father Joe McGinnis and her and Sonya moved to Florida where she met Sonya's future Dad and the three became a family .

Later they decided Sonya needed a sister so they were married and along came me Candy I'm  18 months Sonya's Jr. Well there's been a lot happen between that time and now . Sonya tried to get to know Joe McGinnis but realized he wasn't who sheds expected him to be and though he wasn't ever there Sonya was happy with the Dad God chose her to have and that's Gene Hancock.

Sonya never looked back and our dad treated us the same . Never had favorites he loved us both the same even after Our Mom and Dad went separate ways sonya and I had good realrelation with one another and she exceeded in school.

Sonya was a speed reader she was an artist in school she loved drawing writing singing she played the clarinet and once brought home a Ms.Priss reward because of the girly way she ran during track one year.

She attended grade schools in Highlands County and High Schools in Manatee and Sarasota Counties .. 

Sonya had many friends and loved ones. She was a lifetime GATORFAN and loved NASCAR.

She loved to entertain and worked many years as a waitress in places like Freds Restaurants Toms steak and seafood and a few others like Foxfire and so on. She was a bartender and she loved music and nightlife in her younger years


Candice Johnson
3 years ago
Fillip Garrison Sonya never stopped loving you.. please know that .. her last name was Fillion she felt like it was meant to be with Chris but she always thought about you .. talked about you and the poisonous love you guys had for each other but she never blamed you ..hugs please remember the good .. congratulations on your being a father and I'm happy you got straight A's Sonya did the same .. love ya ..
Fillip Garrison
3 years ago
I am blown away. I loved her intensely. I wish I could have taken her with me, to were I am now. I was not strong enough then. I can’t believe I found out this way. She was THE most beautiful. And incredibly intelligent. My life went a totally unexpected direction. I never stopped feeling like I left her behind I just was not strong enough. We were like two tornadoes. She was gasoline and I was the match I sometime miss our short lived total chaos. Never will I live so wild again. She is the most special in my heart. But the way for us to survive was to part. We were the most destructive but I would not let go of one single heartbreaking moment I ever spent with her. I have a son. He’s almost perfect. I raise him exactly as Sonya
and I promised we would raise a kid if only we were not hopelessly addicted to crack. I guess my son, Maverick’, can be my tribute to my Beautiful ex-wife, as a reminder of how it should have been done for both of us Joey, Cody. I pray with everything I have ever learned in this world. Guys, be strong men. Your mom was to me incredible please don’t ever mess with any drugs at all. I was a hopeless loser when I fell totally in love with your mom. No way in hell I could handle myself let alone her train wreck of a family. (Not The the ones in lake city, ) they were decent. Your mom put them
Through hell we both were a mess. I have so much regret. You mom was just so god dam unique. One of a kind. Only the be treated so Shabbily by that skank. Heart breaking. I was so utterly happy and proud to have married such a bad ass chick.
Dakota. I will love you in me heart forever. I told you I would.
Joan Christiansen
4 years ago
She was loved my many of us at Lakeland RV Resort May she rest in piece Joan Christiansen

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