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Sunshine on my Helpless Life

“Hunny, do you like a baby girl or a boy?”
Once my mom asked from my father eyes full of hopes and smiles full of dreams.
My father was somewhat a rigid but an open-hearted person, replied,
“Whoever god is planning to gift us”
Surely with loads of hopes and dreams, not lesser to the mother.

Then they gave life to three amazing little souls, filling their home with laughs, cries, screams, questions, stories, adventures and much more. They devoted their whole life to build ours fruitful.
I am the first of all three, grabbing all the love from my parents. Lucky first! Nevertheless, I couldn’t find any memory or moment that they treat other two over myself, I’m sure my sister and brother would also feel the same. That’s their miracle of love. They were best at keeping each of us contented every moment.

We were not born rich, my parents were school teachers, they valued the knowledge for uneducated over money. Hence always we had to adapt to certain conditions and resources.

My mother is like a giant rock, who never fall apart from any obstacle. She is the utmost strength to my father. The supporter to all of his deeds and life achievements.
She dedicated all her soul to raise us as dutiful empathetic individuals. She cooked healthiest and delicious meals every day for us. Helped with our school tasks, shaped our skills, taught us to be organized and most of all she showed us how to bear everything with a faith. Her great compassion made our lives more meaningful.

Now I am a married woman and every time I get sick or trapped with a hard time. It is my mother I’m looking for. It’s miraculous she always had a perfect home remedy for any illness. Answers for every tough situation. She used to say
“Every day I pray for three of you – so, no need to be worry” which always an unconditional blessing for us.

I still remember every morning and evening my father taking three of us to the school which 12 kilometers is away from home on his poor motor bicycle. He never missed a day, I couldn’t recall any day he fell sick and failed his children duties. But after a long time, I got to know that he was a high blood pressure person from his 30’s. Who kept aside own illnesses to make our lives blooms.

He is the carpenter of our house, plumber, and electrician in our house and most delicious dishes are from him. I couldn’t find a thing he is unable of. We saw him as a man of wonders. That’s not just for our home, his friends, neighbors, relatives and school mates all are blessed to have him near them. My father never missed a chance to help a poor person, a person in need. That is his greatest gratification which is a very rare godly habit.

After doing all those heavenly deeds, now he is far away from us, may be still guarding us, looking at us from the heaven. I always picture his love and devotion so he won’t be fade away from my memory. Cherish his noble deeds so we can show our children how to live an exemplary and contented life.

“Behind every young child who believes in himself, are parents who believed first!”
That's why my parents became my sunshine which added the beautiful colors to our dull lives.
Thank you, Father, Thank you, Mother, for every moment you spent for the well- being of us.



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