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The Souls That Touch You - Ryder Johnson


Kindness makes the world round, while compassion keeps Earth orbiting. Essentially, kindness and compassion are fundamental components of one's character, in order to make a true impact in the world we live in today.

This tribute is to the man, the myth, and the legendary Ryder Johnson, who loved rappers Juicy J and Berner more than I love pizza. Ryder Johnson was one of those exceptionally unique, charismatic souls that had inhabited this Earth and impacted a multitude of individuals.

You know when you describe someone as being made up of just "good?" That was Ryder to me - his soul and simple existence made such a monumental impact on my own monumental growth in character.

His existence was simply based on loving everyone and spreading the love that our society lacks today. He was the "good" that we all spend years trying to become, and it came very naturally to him.

Today, marks the year anniversary of Ryder Johnson's disappearance, however his absence and impactful lifestyle does not go unnoticed.

Today, I will practice unconditional love and practice unlimited kindness, in order to celebrate a life that ended too soon.

Ryder J, I'll see you at the next Juicy J concert!

A Tribute By Ai Tewahade



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