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Tribute To A Wrestling Icon- Pedro Morales

Pedro Antonio Morales left his footprints on the golden sand of time. He was excellent at what he knows how to do. The name might not ring a bell; but when you take a look at the exploits of John Kilonis; Johnny Como; Johnny Ricco; Pedro Morales which refers to the same person in the wrestling ring; memories of his exploits will readily come to mind.

His Early Life

He was born on October 22, 1942, in Culebra, Puerto Rico. He grew up in Culebra until his adolescent years when his mother sent him to live in Brooklyn, New York with his aunt. The purpose was solely for him to finish his high school education. It was at his sister's place that he met with his destiny in the world of wrestling. His debut appearance was at the age of 13 as an amateur wrestler; he competed in the 160 lb division. His interest in Baseball was defeated because of the distance between him and his native Puerto Rico. He knew what he was cut out for in life; in order to become his best in the roped square, Pedro gained twenty pounds; his father signed the required New York State Athletic Commission that he needed to compete as an underage performer.

Professional Wrestling Career

He began his debut as a professional wrestler at the age of 17 years; his first trainer was Barba Roja. He saw it all in wrestling and conquered all in the roped square. Those that knew him in his active days as a professional wrestler all agreed to the fact that he has the Midas touch with him anytime he enters the ring with any opponent. For close to three decades (28 years to be precise), he entertained the world of wrestling.

His Achievements

Wherever he went, in all his wrestling appearances, he left a mark for posterity. He is the best Puerto Rican wrestler dead or alive till date. He was amazing with his moves in the ring. To date in the record books of the WWE, he is the only single individual dead or alive that held three world title belts at the same time. He was the once WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and World Tag Team Championship. No other wrestler has achieved that feat-either dead or alive. He awoke the consciousness of Puerto Rica to the beautiful world of wrestling.

One cannot easily forget his legendary match-up against Bruno Sammartino in 1972 that ended in a draw after 75 minutes of full action ring exploits. Some wrestlers are hated for their unpopular ring antics; as for Pedro, he became world-renowned for his gentleman conduct in the ring and the talent and sheer brilliance that comes with it. For those of us who know him in his active days as a pro wrestler; the world has lost a gem. Those that have listened to his ringside commentaries in his later years in the sport will readily agree that this WWE Hall of Famer was indeed an icon to the world of wrestling. 

Unfulfilled Drea

He had wished to retire and live permanently at the coastal town near the Caribbean Sea upon the retirement of his wife from the teaching profession. That was not to be as he died February 12, 2019, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Pedro came, and he made his mark. Adieu to the gentleman of the roped square.

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