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Tribute to Dr. Ibrahim al-Fiqi

Ten years ago, my mother died, I became lonely, many people disappointed me and I felt depressed, felt that life was not worth living,  lost control over my life. Because of these emotions, I felt incredibly tired, and life was overwhelming.

 But how did I overcome depression?

The answer is made by Dr. Ibrahim al-Fiqi.

 Dr. Ibrahim al-Fiqi is a human development expert, wrote many books about Self-development and success, died in 2012 because of a fire in his home.

On this day, I was very sad about his death. I cried a lot. I could not believe it at first.

 But I will never forget him. His books and his lectures helped me to overcome depression and regain my self-confidence.

 One night I watched him on television. He was giving a lecture on how to overcome difficulties. And self-confidence.

I was very impressed by his words. Then I bought several books he wrote.

These books were very useful.

 He was always saying in his lectures:

  •  Live with hope, struggle, patience, love, and appreciate the value of life.
  •  Escape is the only cause of failure, so you will fail as long as you do not stop trying.
  •  What you see now is only a reflection of what you have done in the past. And what you will do in the future is nothing but a reflection of what you are doing now.

 The last sentence he wrote on Twitter “ Stay away from people trying to belittle your ambitions while great people make you feel that you can become one of them “

 He was really a great man. He changed many people's lives for the better.

 I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned from his books, which have helped me a lot and may help many people who will read my words.

 I want to tell you that depression is a very bad feeling.  When you are depressed, you do not feel sad, but indifferent and apathetic, see yourself in a negative way and feel junk, wrong, and helpless.

 But sometimes depression can be a motivation for positive action that will change your life.

 Do not leave yourself in depression all day long. Give yourself 24 hours. Just try to treat yourself to a whole day.

 The point is that you should not be depressed after 24 hours. This does not necessarily mean that the cause of depression has disappeared, only that you have rested enough.

Try to find the source of your pain it may be because of a particular event or situation.

 You need to determine the source of pain in order to cure the pain.

 You should know that if you allow depression to damage you, you would never win in this fight.

So, positive action will give you the feeling that you have control over the situation.

Always trust your abilities, rely on yourself, and do not allow others to break you with their words and their bitter criticism.

 Thanks, Dr. Ibrahim. We will never forget you. Your words will remain in our hearts and minds forever.


Axmed muxiidin mahdi
4 years ago
Masha allah I keen on Dr.ibrahim his experience.

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