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Tribute to Fluffy


I remember like yesterday when you walked into my life. It was a Friday.  The reason I remember this day is that it was family time; everyone was gathered in the sitting room seeing a movie. I really can't remember what movie it was, but I do remember it was a movie that touched everybody. Mom cried, I almost did, but I didn't anyways. I guess I was trying to act like a super lady. We heard a knock at the door, so I responded, it was Aunty Susan at the door, and there you were in her hands, fluffy looking very innocent. I fell in love immediately and begged Aunty Susan to drop Fluffy. I succeeded in winning her heart after pouring out tears that were supposed to be for the movie; I cried for Fluffy because I wanted her for myself. Fluffy is one of the most amazing creatures I have ever seen, her pure white fur radiates her calmness and portrays her purity, Fluffy was harmless. She was well trained before she was brought over to my place. I have met several spoilt dogs; Fluffy wasn't. Life with Fluffy was terrific, she was always ready to accompany me to wherever I was going, I always enjoyed her company seeing her wag her tail, and at times I felt jealous. I wondered how a dog could be that cute. She gains admirations from passersby and visitors who came around. 

She wasn't like every other dog, she understood me and knew when I am feeling depressed and not in the mood of talking, she comes around to rub her fur on me and get me back in a good mood. There are times I feel Fluffy has the brain of a human and not that of a dog. I enjoyed rubbing my hands on her and getting a unique feeling of relaxation. To me Fluffy was more than a dog; she was a friend, a confidant. She knows all of my secrets, and there were times I felt she could read my thoughts also, like a well-oiled clock she gives the best response to everything. In Fluffy I found a warrior and a soldier, she always looked like she commanded her own space. Though she was friendly to all, she still marked her territory in the house. 

Fondly I remember the day I took Fluffy on a walk with me to the park, and it had been a tiring week, I needed all the fun and loud solace that I could get. Fluffy met with some other beautiful looking dogs at the park and looked as though she wanted to play catch with them, but she looked at me with those cute eyes and decided to snuggle up with me on the bench. She gave up her enjoyment so I wouldn't feel alone. Fluffy modeled to me what companionship and selflessness are, the same way she shaped what a boss- dog is.

Dear Fluffy, you have raised the standard for other pets that I might get but understand that none will ever measure up to you. Thank you for being you, Fluffy,  I do miss you.




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