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Tribute to My Late Grandmother


I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a very good and caring grandmother to cancer. My grandmother died while she was 70.

She really fought a very big battle for 3 years but cancer could not give her a chance to get better. She used the take each day in stride, she never complained anything about her health condition. Every day she gave herself to hope that one day the treatment would work and finally get on with her life.

However old my grandmother was, she still looked very beautiful. Everybody from the village used to admire her and that is the reason why many children from our neighborhood were named after her.

She composed traditional songs to us and also made wonderful stories every evening before we get to bed. I remember one day when she told us the story of ‘Abunwas’ a very cunning person. She told us that Abunwas could borrow something from you but he won't return it back, When you try to follow up on your property Abunuasi ould tell you that your property died or gave birth. The story was very funny

I pray that she forgives me for the many times I brushed her off when she talked about the possibility of dying. The reason why I did this was just but to keep her spirit up so I told her not to worry because she would be ok.

My grandmother used to love me so much, I remember many times when she gave me food period when there were hunger and famine in the country. She never lacked food at her place.

In everything she did, my grandmother was very real. She laid a very strong foundation for all her children and even grandchildren. She was very funny, I remember one day when I wanted to give up with education, she took time and encouraged me never to quit in life. She even went ahead and danced a traditional song which she composed herself.

I remember and I were discussing something that I was struggling with, she raised my head high and said, “Look at me." I never knew what these three words meant but one time while I was meditating I remembered what she meant. What she meant was; you never know in life so make a change however tough it is and do the things you want to do and dream about it before it's too late. Those words were very clear

Her beautiful spirit still lives on her generations, and everyone will always know how much she loved them.

I know the things that kept my grandmother going. The things are her children and her strong faith. Otherwise to face another day could have been tough, and I know how many days she must have been like that. No one imagined that she would survive with cancer for 3 good years but she managed.

Now I hope that her soul rests in eternal peace knowing that she played her part very well and that her children together with all the coming generations on her lineage will be fine.


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