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TUPAC - The Black Entertainment Industry


Tupac Amaru Shakur popularly known by his stage name, 2Pac was a famous African American rapper and actor. He was born on the 16th of June 1971. He was born as Lesane Parish Crooks but his mother changed the name to Tupac Amaru Shakur after a year of his birth. He was born in the city of New York but moved to Baltimore and enrolled in the Baltimore School of Arts where he studied acting, poetry and various dance styles.

 Tupac was the best rapper in his school and the most popular kid. Tupac is a legend and he made the music industry a better place and created a home for other African Americans. His songs have deep and sensitive meaning which made me see the world a lot more differently in a positive way. Tupac cared about the youths and most of them saw him as The Black Jesus because listening to his music gave some kind of freedom and inner peace.

 Even with the fact that he had bad blood with some people in the music industry most of them in his record label “Death row" he always found a positive point and that’s one of the many reasons why I love him. His one song that I call my favourite is Thug life which was released after he created a group with some of his friends and named the group “Thug Life".

Tupac Shakur wasn’t just a great rapper, he was an incredible actor, featuring in a few movies like Poetic Justice and Gang related. So man believed that he was just a thug with a large fan base but that was what they wanted to see. He got a lot of global recognition, even other artiste sees him as an inspiration and an evolution of the African American Entertainment industry.

He was rated “the greatest rapper of all time” by a Vibe Magazine Poll in 2004 and was named number 86 of the 100 Immortal Artists of all time by the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2005 with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley on that same list.

Although Tupac died, his music and societal influence continues to live on. He was shot in Las Vegas on the 7th of September 1996 and after fighting for his life, died 6 days later. His shooter is still unidentified till date. He was brave, a voice for the African Americans and a music icon. He is an idol because he spent most of his life fighting for his people and shook the world with his music with just a few years in the entertainment industry.

Not surprisingly many still believe that Tupac is alive because of his great influence and even after his death, he was still inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame one of the greatest honors a musician could achieve on the 7th of April 2017.

Thank you Tupac for bringing a change to us and making our voices heard. The whole world misses you.



Conor McGregor
4 years ago
R.I.P Brother

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