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فريق تطوّعي مكون من خمسة قياديات يرغبن في ايصال المنفعة للجميع

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Vivian Uwa popular know as (Nat Jay) is a nollywood actress,

She was born on June 24th 1997, in Edo  state, and into the family of eleven,

Her father  is chief Monday imafidion uwamhenkina, and he is a business man, 

Her mother is Mrs Augustina uwamhenkina  A. K. A  ( Lady Jay) she is also a busy woman

Vivian uwa started her movie career on 2018, such as....

Love and pain, lost student and so many more... 

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I just want to say thank you for everything

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Dinesh parihar


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  1. sup im ryon haha. im 18 hella chill hmu
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