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This piece is from 2014 and we just came across it. It goes a long way to explain why we created Tributize  - to fill a huge gap in a very important market!

When Loved Ones Die, Why Is It So Hard to Memorialize Their Lives Online?

When Personal Tech Columnist Geoffrey Fowler's friend passed away, he volunteered to make a memorial website. It proved difficult to find decent options to honor the dead.

"I wanted to allow people to share their digital memories"

"Mourning is a core human experience in dire need of some new digital ideas."

"I tried a dozen online memorial services and found most only frustrated me"

"None of the services could help me make a truly beautiful tribute"

"The sense of reverence many of the services built into their templates—clip art of doves or setting suns—didn't fit with my friend's raucous personality"

"Seeing decades-old photos and reading childhood stories about my friend for the first time, I gained a new appreciation of him"


Read the full article here

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