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Henry Smith 8 Years Old - Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 30 November 2019 13:41 , by
30.11.2019 Happy Birthday Henry! Eight years old already  - wow! Another great year and you have done so much and shown so many talents.   Now I hope that you will grow up to be a charming good guy like James Bond....  and not a bad guy like Blofeld   and with your talent for mathema...

Oliver Smith 8 Years Old - Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 30 November 2019 14:31 , by
30.11.2019 Happy Birthday Oliver! Eight years old already  - wow! Another great year and you have done so much and shown so many talents.   You are an incredible actor - and I don't know where you get that from? your parents don't have that gift. And you have a special charm with women... th...

Remembering our Grandparent

Saturday, 23 November 2019 08:41 , by
The last of the generation X in our family passed on last September 2019. A gentle woman, with infinite patience and endurance for life. Possessing an indomitable heart to love, an elusive concept to me till this day but something that I’m a recipient of. My grandfather left earlier than her. A p...

A Tribute to my Best Friends- Risshy & Parth

Sunday, 29 September 2019 13:35 , by
We all met three years ago at the prestigious Sp Jain School of Global Management. Three very different lads from two extremely different continents. No one ever had a clue that three years down our friendship, we’d have some of the best memories with each other. From the Home of the “World cup ...

Sisters are Forever… To My Little Sister on Her Wedding Day

Friday, 27 September 2019 11:33 , by
My little sister Jasmine is getting married this weekend.   Sisters are special, regardless of their age. They hold our hands and drive us to be better every day. I cherish the relationship I have with you, my little sister. I remember how excited I was when my mother came back home, holding you ...

Strong beyond Circumstances… A Tribute to My Mum on Her 53rd Birthday

Friday, 27 September 2019 11:30 , by
Today is my mother’s 53rd birthday, and I wish nothing but more blessings and good health in her golden years. God blessed me with a loving and supportive mother, and I could not ask for more. Even if I am married and with children of my own, she still supports and advices me like her little girl....

In memory of my great and late Grandpa

Monday, 23 September 2019 12:58 , by
It was the year 2002 and I lost my grandpa he was very close to me. My grandpa was a really kind, simple and inspiring people I'd known. He wasn't only my grandpa to me in growing up he was certainly one of my best friends ever. I'd a difficult time in my childhood and my grandpa was always there f...

A tribute to my Hostel Warden, the living legend

Monday, 23 September 2019 12:45 , by
 Mrs. Rana was warden of my high school from the full time I was five before the time I completed my school. She was a fatty woman with a hard voice, strong presence, and a great heart that embraced his staff and students. Mrs. Rana was a leader in every aspect.  She was a lady filled with the en...

A Tribute to my Super mom

Friday, 20 September 2019 07:58 , by
Everyone loves their mother and here is my tribute to express my love and gratitude towards mine. I am aware of what mothers go through to raise their children while having their own issues. Giving a selfless love to make sure their children grow up to be the best version as they want them to be. Go...

Tribute to My Late Grandmother

Thursday, 19 September 2019 17:33 , by
I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a very good and caring grandmother to cancer. My grandmother died while she was 70. She really fought a very big battle for 3 years but cancer could not give her a chance to get better. She used the take each day in stride, she never com...
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