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A Fan Tribute to Jeff Bezos- A living Legend

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 , by
A Fan Tribute to Jeff Bezos- A living Legend

This is a tribute to the richest man on the planet- Jeff Bezos. For many years, the richest man in the world was stuck between a few persons. However, something happened that changed the entire game- Jeff Bezos.

Your story is something special. From a young age, you have already been special. From the point where you wanted to explore the space as an entrepreneur to the time when you created your first startup Fitel, it was clear to see that there was something special waiting to explode.

In less no time, you were one of the few persons who actually noticed just how much value the internet was poised to have in a short while. This was how you started Amazon which is probably the greatest company in the world today. You have singlehandedly changed the way the world looks at the e-commerce industry. What you have done has shown the world that all you have to do is to think about the endless possibilities and how you can take advantage of it. You have done that to devastating effect.

Looking at the way you started Amazon, it is only unlikely that your company would be among the very best. You started the company in a garage, but look how far you have come. You have made the world of difference to many people and the world would forever be grateful for the opportunities which you have opened up to them. For most people around the world today, they find the most useful things on your e-commerce store. This store has helped others to earn a living even while it serves its own purpose. It truly can be described as the idea of the century.

Every human has faults and you are no exception. Your recent divorce from your wife proves that you are far from perfect. However, it is important that you learn from it. In this life, the only way to improve and get better in life is to be a better human. You have to try to make sure you correct the mistakes. You should also make sure that you keep on standing tall in the face of any blackmail that is thrown at you.

The truth is that you have achieved so much in such a short while. Many persons who are given this amount of success eventually threw it away due to wrong decisions and wrong desires and motives. It is vital that you remain focused and ready to act.

As for every person who strives to be an entrepreneur, who wishes to reach the very top of the chain, you are an example that keeps on shining in the distance. All future entrepreneurs only have to look at what you have done if they want to be successful. As you maintain and solidify your position as the richest man on the planet, it is sometimes necessary to look back and reflect at all it all started