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A Humbling Tribute to My Best Friend

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 , by
A Humbling Tribute to My Best Friend

A Tribute to My Best Friend, Naomi Muthoni.

“You have been best friends since primary school?” that’s the first question your new friends asked us after you introduced me to them.  We had been planning for years for me to visit your new home and finally the opportunity came this year when I got the chance to visit you with my son. Our kids bonded a lot since they are only one week apart and I hope that as they grow up they will always keep in touch just as we have always done.

But this tribute is not about our kids but about us. I admit that the journey has not been easy but today I want to share my gratitude with you. Naomi, you have truly been a great friend and a shoulder to lean on. I know many friends have given up on me especially when I was going through a rough time with the death of my Dad and getting sick a few months after that, but you never turned your back on me although I pushed you away.

I recall that after primary school we went to different high schools and after that took on different paths but that did not stop us from communicating and meeting up when we got the chance. I cannot put into words how it felt when you invited me to come live with you in a new town and even got me a job. We did have our moments of small fights but the months we were housemates will always be cherish able to me.

My friend, I know you are the kind of person who likes to live a private life and I am breaking all protocol when I share this with the world, but I felt I needed to write this tribute and show you how I appreciate you. I have had difficult moments when I felt stuck and defeated but you have been there with your tough love and showed me how I need to stop with the sympathetic thoughts and fight for what I want.

Furthermore, you always go an extra mile to support me be it financially, physically and emotionally. I want to apologize to you for pushing you away many times before when I was going through hard times but humbly thank you for not leaving my side and showing me that true friendship does exist.

I truly hope that others may experience the same friendship we share that goes beyond all boundaries. The last time we spoke you mentioned how our friendship is still standing yet we do have our ups and downs and you gave out a simple answer. We do not have any high expectations of each other. I thought about it and yes, it’s true.

However, I believe that what keeps the friendship strong is the desire to be there for each other no matter what. Just know that I am grateful for your friendship and I love you my dear friend.





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