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A tribute to a great teacher

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 , by
A tribute to a great teacher

While scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, a line caught my attention that “the influence of a good teacher can never be erased”.

These words took me back to memories of my tuition when I was in 8th grade and the subjects became more difficult especially mathematics. I also had to take the board exam the next year so my parents arranged a private tutor for me.

They asked the same teacher who taught my elder brothers to teach me science courses and he agreed. It’s not like I never had tuition before, but Sir Naveed’s teaching style was a little different from the others. I used to hate math but his way of explaining complex concepts in simple words surprised me sometimes. He never burdened me with extra homework and always boosted my motivation level.

After passing school, I decided to continue taking tuition from him in college too because there was no one who could teach me math better than him. But his teaching style was not what makes him stand out tall among my favorite teachers. I met many amazing teachers in my student life whose teaching style was remarkable.

In the educational stream, the most powerful force is the bond between a student and a teacher. This bond leads to academic success and student empowerment. What makes him special was his mentoring style. He was a supportive mentor who inspired me to be me.

Many of the lessons students learn from their teacher are not mentioned in the syllabus. I was never a shy or poor student but also never knew what I am capable of and was reluctant to show my skills but sir, you never pointed out my weaknesses to discourage me and made me more confident to show my talent.

He never imposed his opinion on me and always respected my viewpoint.

Many of his students know about his personal life struggles, but despite that he never gets tired of teaching and always come to teach his students in a cheerful mood. You are the teacher who always nurtures their students’ mind with positivity. Teachers who help students to grow as people impart some of the most important teachings of life. The student never feels shy to ask you questions.

I am thankful to him for going the extra mile. I want to tell him how his kindness, support, and interest in my character development has helped me in many difficult stages of my life.

Thank you, sir, for dedicating your time and energy in teaching for long hours without charging extra. Thank you for the pizza parties and never-ending current affair discussions. Thank you for gifting me the books of my taste and expensive pens. Thank you, sir, for calling me your sister and thank you for being my elder brother.

Though my words are not enough to appreciate all the hard work you have done for me I always remember you when I sincerely raise my hands for prayers and I feel so blessed and thankful to Almighty to have you as a constant source of motivation in my life.

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