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A Tribute to Camila Coelho

Friday, November 17th, 2017 , by
A Tribute to Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is Portuguese and English language beauty blogger/Instagram influencer. I found her on Instagram while I was looking for some makeup tutorials.

It took me around 5 minutes or maybe less to watch her profile and immediately start following her. As one of the biggest names in the beauty and fashion space, she has over 5 million subscribers around her English and Portuguese channels. Except from English she has Portuguese channels because actually it’s her native language.  From the moment I started following her I was interested about her life and career and wanted to know a bit more about her. Some of the many things I discovered about her is that she is well traveled and is someone who is constantly on the go, because of this fact I admired her even more because personally I also love traveling. Another fact that I know about her and really impressed me is also her relationship with her husband for eight years. What really surprised me in positive manner is how she is organized and successful on professional side she also finds time to build a relationship that lasts for eight months. I usually try to find some similarities between her and me.

Often I am really impressed and happy when I find out that something that Camila likes respects, or does is somehow connected with me. For example she is a big fan of Game of Thrones, guess whaaat? I am too, so how to not love this woman. What really made me sad recently is what I read accidently about her is that she is trying to have baby for a long time with  her husband but unsuccessfully, that really really made me sad. Hope her dream will come true soon. The affection that I have for Camila is so big that I even know her horoscope sign it’s Pisces if you asking :D .. When I started following her she had long brown hair with nice curls, now she has shorter hair and a bit darker. I like her style more now than before. My favorite dress or outfit she had wore is one long black dress from “Dior” r fits perfectly to her and shows her in the right light. I will upload the photo so you can see it.

The fact that she is incredible woman in all aspects is proved by her recent confession: “When I truly like someone, I genuinely support that person”. This really touched me and proved why I like her so much and admire in the same time. It’s one in a million woman worth for having all my attention, I believe it will be for a long time. Being an influencer can leave you open to so much judgement, it can be painful and the attacks are personal.You need to have strong mind and heart to resist that pressure. I believe Camila has the strength and  heart to cope with all the pressure and resist on everything that the fame brings.


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