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A Tribute to Jason Huggins - Selenium

Friday, November 17th, 2017 , by
A Tribute to Jason Huggins - Selenium

Jason Huggins is a person who I admire both personally and on a professional basis.

He is an IT engineer and developer of Selenium,  portable software testing framework for web applications.

So I think you already guessed, IT freak here!

Yes I am a QA Engineer and I got to know about Jason a few years ago when I was doing some research for my school project.  I started using this framework accidently, discovered Jason Huggins and started reading about him and admiring the work he does

He is very experienced and successful and this is something that inspires me in my everyday life.

I try to somehow come closer to him but whenever I see some of my success I find out that he has made something even bigger and more important. This is not something that disappoints me but just the opposite it gives me the courage to work and work even more.

A recent interesting fact I found out about him is that when he is not programming, Jason enjoys hacking on Arduino-based electronics projects.

I also like to play with Arduino projects. At the moment not so much because I do not have enough free time, but since I read this about him I will definitely make time and spend some more time doing this hobby that we have in common.

One funny story I have regarding Jason is that whenever talking to my University colleagues about him I was unfamiliar with his work and professional occupation. It wasn't until I needed to make that research that I needed to do. Before then, I didn't have any idea who he was, what he was doing and that I would really appreciate and admire his work.

Some weeks ago I was watching an interview with him talking about his work and life. This interview got me to know him even better because apart from his professional side he was talking about his personal life and how he balances them both.

He was talking about how he finds a way to strike a balance between professional and personal lives in becoming more productive and less likely to burnout. By separating work and play, setting priorities, creating schedules, shielding passions and setting work hours he manages to be successful on one side and being a good relative and proud of himself on the other.

I really learned a lot from him only from one interview and listening to him only for an hour. It means he is really successful in every aspect of his life, this inspires me the most and makes my appreciation for him even bigger and stronger. 

Something that really made me sad about him is the fact that he doesn't have children and he is in his 40's. I believe that a person will achieve their maximum ulfilled life by not only being successful in his career, but also realizing himself as a husband and parent too.

The only thing that is missing in his life from my perspective is that he doesn't have children yet. I hope he will manage to establish a family in the near future too. 

I hope someday someone will admire my work as much as I admire Jason I think that’s the goal that keeps me on working towards realizing my dreams.

Here is a tribute to Jason Huggins. Thanks for inspiring me.



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Moinak Bhattacharjee

Moinak Bhattacharjee

  • Friday, 26 March 2021 16:42
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He has a Son....Declans Huggins. Kindly check this link:-. You will get it.