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A tribute to my father

Sunday, March 17th, 2019 , by
A tribute to my father


It has been three years since my father took the last breath of his life in this cruel world which took him away.

I held the cold body of my father with tears in my eyes and cried.

I still feel the touch of my father and I still remember the unbelievable feeling of that moment.

When thinking about the words to say at his funeral I thought  "What tribute can you pay to a man whose whole life was a tribute. A tribute to goodness, a tribute to kindness, caring and generosity."

There is really no need for words because my father's life spoke loud and clear.

My father Nicholson was born in 1975 in New Delhi , a developing area of India. Family circumstances were worst when he was under eighteen, but my father was a visionary person among his 4 siblings.

At the age of 23 he met with my beautiful mother in Calcutta and and married her. He tried his best to make her happy. I remember once it was a boring day and my father had an important meeting related to business in California.

I knew that it was my mom's birthday on that day and at 12 o'clock the bell rang and i opened the door. It was a birthday surprise for my mom. A new luxury BMW was waiting outside the door and on it was written "A sweet Happy Birthday for my Love". He left the meeting especially to come home for my mom's birthday.

He was unique among his siblings. Our uncle and aunt were never as generous he was.  He was everyone's favorite friend , everyone's favourite neighbour, favourite uncle, and favorite employer. He didn't have an enemy in the world. I don't think anyone who met him didn’t love him.

We really miss him. We pray every day that he will come back one day. 

Once I broke a precious gift which had been in the family for generations. I think it was a pot from my father's grandfather. After doing this crazy thing I was afraid of being beaten by him and  I hid myself but he found me, kissed me, hugged me and ignored what I had done.

I still remember today as  I realize that he was a blessed shadow upon us. the hospital he made for the poor and needy peoples was a blessing for them. they all praise him. I wasn't aware that father was not just kind-hearted to us but was really like a backbone for whole family, he made the whole family stable.

Last night I found a card from my birthday where it was written "A happy birthday that you will never forgot". I remember that it was an electric car which was more than our family budget to buy but he still gave it to me.

I know your kind soul is walking on paradise and you have been rewarded for your life. I know you are seeing us. I know you feel our happiness and sadness. I know you loved us more than yourself.

God keep you under the shadow of his blessings.


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