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A tribute to my friend Fedosenko Grigory

Friday, November 17th, 2017 , by
A tribute to my friend Fedosenko Grigory

I want to thank Fedosenko Grigory, my close friend, and colleague, who helped me to take part in the “Race of the Nation” on October 21st - the final race of this year.

That was my first attempt to test myself in real competition, especially since they the event was held in the Carpathian Mountains and gathered the strongest athletes in Ukraine.

I immediately realized the opportunity to win a cash prize exists, but only for the best of the best. The organizers, in turn, guaranteed new experiences even to the most experienced participants!

The "Race of the Nation" competition is becoming more popular both among athletes and among ordinary people, like me, who want to test themselves for strength. Thank you, bro, for dragging me into this adventure.

"Race of the Nation" - this is not just a competition, but a way of life. Apparently, the weather conditions have played an important role - for the end of the race was bad - windy with cold rain. I am very glad that there are so many participants and fans who have not been disappointed and support the purpose of the competition. Well... It's probably nothing whether you participated earlier in previous races or not, each of us, with our own style, and what's more, ardor, spirit and the desire proves that the finish for each of us becomes a triumph. The "Race of the Nation" is trying to show that everyone is able to go through the obstacle course and become a winner. Administrative teams and organizers challenge all Ukrainians who believe that a healthy lifestyle and sport are too heavy for them. If someone doubts - come on to the next race, and you will understand that you did not participate earlier in vain.

The race itself was held on special tracks laid on the mountainous Carpathian slopes, for the creation of which were involved professional athletes and special forces. Participation took about four hundred most trained participants, followed by about a thousand spectators and fans. I would like to thank all support team that was with us during the race and for the unforgettable emotions of the final race of the season. Traditionally, a lot of athletes were registered in the Force Race (5 km) and slightly less in the Willpower Race (10 km). Very few of the most desperate and hardy participants waited for the crazy Ultra Race (40 km).

Force Race and Willpower Race were held exclusively in the Elite category. This time this category was designed for the most trusted and trained participants. The race leaders received cash prizes and the opportunity to take part in the next race for free. Before each race, there were special open training sessions and master classes organized, in which each participant had the opportunity to get a piece of advice towards physical training and nutrition. And also participants were informed concerning compulsory insurance against an accident of all athletes participating in the next stage of the competition with obstacles in connection with possible injuries.

The race in the Carpathian Mountains this fall was the apogee of the country's racing competitions. Here I saw the elite athletes of the nation. The strongest participants from all over the country came here, and the administrative teams and organizers seem to have done their best to make everyone pleasantly surprised. The Ultra Race was the most physically challenging start in Ukraine. In this race, the absolute champion of Race Nation in Ukraine has been determined. The organizers tried to take into account abnormal weather conditions and were well prepared for them: along the whole track they installed additional points for hydration, where you could drink and freshen up.

The athletes took over 5 thousand bottles of water. About 100 volunteers, doctors - provided by the Maltese rescue service, as well as medical staff and ambulances - worked around the route.

This race was challenging, more interesting bumps, many strong athletes, incredible quarries and difficult mountainous terrain, but everything was super! Super race!

What else is needed for active recreation to dive from urban life into the world of sports?

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