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A tribute to my Hostel Warden, the living legend

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 , by
A tribute to my Hostel Warden, the living legend


 Mrs. Rana was warden of my high school from the full time I was five before the time I completed my school. She was a fatty woman with a hard voice, strong presence, and a great heart that embraced his staff and students. Mrs. Rana was a leader in every aspect.

 She was a lady filled with the entire guardianship of a small school in the centre of Birgunj, Nepal. And she was a lady who did her job with full effort and grace. Over time, my small school, primarily composed of visionary kids, experienced almost anything that a large high school in Nepal would.

Because she was our great warden, I often called her “MOM”. We were all like extended family and sometimes the auntie words were used most of the time. I needed something extra guidance and the auntie name put more responsibility onto us.

Mrs. Rana was also my Nepalese literature school teacher during my high school. I would probably not refer to that, because my understanding and knowledge of Nepali are appalling. I just saw no need to learn it, but I really do remember so it was a remarkably fun class.

I still remember bunking the English literature class and not attending the school period. Bunking was strictly forbidden, since it is in most high schools, and I'd stolen my friend's small radio and I listened most of the time. As the very next day continued, she caught me red-handed in my own hostel. Being a lady of wisdom, she asked the proper questions and quickly knew that radio was not mine. She then gave me a punishment and asked me handy the things to my friend as sooner as possible. I never stole anything, more importantly, this was the last time I was ever in the principal's cabin.

It had been a great year. I completed my 10th standard and had to leave my school. On the last day of my school, tears rolled down seeing Mrs. Rana.

Now then 3 years later, I met with my school warden gathering with Montessori kids. She wanted to understand how I was, how engineering days was opting for me. I asked her about the school, a spot I'd spent every single day since I left. She added that the school staff and students are becoming along better than they ever have. She smiled and her eyes were watery as she talked.

Thank you for providing us with new knowledge and discipline. Thank you for respecting us and taking into consideration our previous experiences in the training process and building them into new learning methods.

I swear flowers on earth are not enough to get a bouquet for you. I wish you a sound body; want you to own many milestones, happy, beautiful and bright days in your life. I miss you “MAM!”


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