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A Tribute to my Life Coach

Friday, September 20th, 2019 , by
A Tribute to my Life Coach

There are very few people who you come across who help you gain a clear insight in your life. There is always something going on at a personal level in one's mind where the person is suffering or having some issues. Well, all this was true for me but through one channel or another my life coach Azeelia Fialho changed my life for the better. Prior to talking to her, the world was a weird chaotic place for me where i used to depend on others for guidance. Someone would guide something and the other person contradicting it, leaving you forever doubting everything and yourself.

But, all of that changed after i talked to Mrs. Azeelia and she helped me get the self awareness and guidance i needed to move forward in life. I was in a place in my life where i had so many issues it is hard to know unless you get out of that mental space. She helped me get out of that dark place onto something better where i am more self dependent and i wouldn't go back. Sure, i still have things to figure out but who doesn't? Relatives, friends and everyone else has something to say about your life and judge and "guide" to what they think is best. But, with Azeelia, she helped me find out what i really want from my life and how best i can manage my environments. Becoming the best version of myself through what i want rather than environmental expectations is something i realized at the age of 22.

When i think back to all of the support she has given me and the hours invested to make me think clear, it fills me with immense gratitude. Coming to know of an entire different side to life which might not be possible without her, is nothing short of a blessing. It is as if i was living underneath a dark blanket shielding me from the best things in life. Thanks to Mrs. Azeelia, i can do so much on my own, which i used to depend on others for. Now i guide others to the same when i can see they're in similar troubles. No one wants to live their lives just going through the flow of listening to relatives, false mentors. But finding my guidance to life in Azeelia has helped me in so many areas, i find it hard to put it all together.

I am a different version of myself who has healed through so much trauma, issues and bad habits. Even though there are relapses, i can count on myself to get right back up and continue to evolve in the way Azeelia has taught me. Thanks to her, i do not have many regrets in my life now and everything has turned out to be so much better than i could have imagined. Sure, life is not all roses now, but from where i have come to where i am now today, it is a drastic difference that i see in myself and i owe a major part of that to Azeelia ma'am.

This is my tribute to her for helping me through so much in my life it is hard to put into words and hard to convey. Some day i am going to call her and say "I made it" after achieving what i need to be self dependent and most importantly happy where i am at any point of my life. That is what she is for me and i honestly could not see myself in the happy place that i am in today without her guidance. Having the willpower to push through and keep on moving towards better while being happy where i am today is something i am incredibly proud and grateful for.

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