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A Tribute to My Mother- Caroline Wafula

Thursday, September 19th, 2019 , by
A Tribute to My Mother- Caroline Wafula


A Tribute to My Mother

Caroline Wafula is a mother and the first woman I have ever loved. It's because of the woman she is and the example she has set, that I can love women with passion and appreciation.

I really love my mother so much and this is something I cannot hide from anyone. I believe I did not enter this world through the body, but instead, I entered the world through her heart. The bond that my mother and I share is unlike any other connection.

Mum, I love you for an uncountable number of reasons. I always feel blessed to have you as my mother and I'm thankful for the wonderful life that you have given me. In honor of mother's day, I would like to celebrate you as my hero, loyal, devoted mother and a true friend indeed.

My mother has been so good to me since day one I entered this world. She always worked hard to make sure I have a good uniform to school and also to have a good life in the future. Whatever I am is because of my mother's struggle.

The truth is that I was born in a very poor background in one of the villages in Kenya. Putting food on the table during that time was something that was perceived to be hard. Though I had my father at that time, my mother played a 99.999% role in making sure that our family is good.

Every day she walks up 5 am and headed to work in one of the white man's land. She used to walk a distance of 8km every day for work. All this so that I have a good education and good clothes to wear.

Your love to me is unmeasurable, even times when I have wronged you you always forgave me and advised me never to repeat the mistake again.

I will never forget the day that I came home very late in the evening from watching a movie in the market. I was very worried when I was coming because I knew you would flog me. When I got home I remember very well how worried you were and how dad was harassing you to come and look for me. You just hugged me and thanked God that I was alive and you warned me never to come home very late like that day. This thing made me think so much why you never preferred punishing me but instead, you warned and encouraged me

I know the life we went through was not very easy, but you tried your best to make it look very easy in my eyes. Every time I entered your room and found you sad, you always pretended like everything was fine and always told me not to worry. Indeed, mum, I will never make fun or joke with and I will never let anything hurt you when am around

I just pray that God gives you many years on this planet so that you can enjoy the fruits that you sow long ago.


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